Archive | April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all celebrating. I am at least celebrating the Hallmark side of the day, I am having 9 people over for Easter dinner so now I know why people have dining rooms.

I have not posted in a while, same reasons as before for work (that grows exponentially) but I’ve done some fun things the past few days.

I got roped into helping do an egg hunt at work. There were three of us who were going to put candy in 300 plastic eggs then hide them Wed night at work. Well the first guy dropped out early but volunteered to do the counting the next day. The other woman led me on until 11am the day we were supposed to be hiding the stuff and then she bailed too. Since I physically had the eggs and candy I just did it myself. Lars helped fill the eggs and I spent about 2 hours hiding eggs on ever desk and in every common area. The prize was a big Easter basket and I think the whole thing went over very well. Only a few people really went nuts looking for the eggs and I’m sure some people never noticed there was an egg on their desk. The bright side of doing this alone was that I got a ton of credit I was not expecting and I had a good time overall.

Thursday night I had another stats class, the teacher is getting slightly better since now knows we feel he is a bad teacher. I actually left having learned something and that was good.

Friday I had off! I had a very nice day sleeping in, working on my dress, and doing things around the house I had intended to do for a while. I also went grocery shopping with the millions and millions of others and that was not so fun. I think Easter tops Christmas for crazies in the store. I had pre-ordered a leg of lamb because to me that is Easter dinner but to the great state of MN it is not. I now believe that lamb is more Jewish then Catholic since I used to live in a very Jewish area and lamb was plentiful and not I don’t and it is not… At least I know it is fresh. It is almost 10lb of lamb so I need to get it in the oven in a few hours.

Final topic, how did I end up doing dinner for 10 when I have 0 family in the state? Well, it is entirely my fault – First I invited 3 others, Jenny who I worked with and is a good friend and her Ex has her kid this holiday, Josh who’s family is also all out east and he is also a very good friend, and Timmy who just moved to MN to work at the same company as Lars and his wife is still in Mi until the house sells. That would have made 5 for dinner, totally doable. Then we remembered our Friend Scott who is by himself (6), our neighbors who weren’t planning to do anything (10), and Jenny called saying another friend from my old work was abandoned by his family, can he come too (11). I’m planning on 10 because Scott said he was not coming but I’m going to make sure there is enough food just in case. Seating is the real issue… my table seats 6, I’m adding another table in an L and hoping we all fit. Fortunately 2 of the 10 are kids. Speaking of that, I need to kid proof a bit. I’m not worried about cooking, the lamb will take 5.5 hours, the veggies just need steaming and people are bringing salad, potato’s, bread and desserts. Jenny is also bringing 4 plates, glasses and 3 chairs meaning I only need to find one more chair. I think I’ll have to take a picture of this when it is all done.

PS. Dad, Lars has caught the bug. He now needs an easter basket so I am off to put one together.