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Yesterday I spent 10 hours in a car for a 3 hour m…

Yesterday I spent 10 hours in a car for a 3 hour meeting.  Luckely, I didn’t really have to drive because the other person really likes to and I brought Dan Brown’s Deception Point on cd so we were entertained for about 8 of the 10 hours.  The meeting went well but I didn’t get much other work done yesterday.  Today I’m in the offsite office and I usually get a lot done here but I had a massive meeting that was quite productive and then a (completely unrelated) conversation with someone that was a lot like banging my head into a wall and I don’t think anything I said got through.  Now I’m fairly frustrated and not only do I need to do my normal job but I have to do this other persons too.  Atleast I got through yesterdays stuff fairly easily so I’m up to date in that respect.


Today I just have a general anxious feeling, there is a big snow storm coming, I’m trying to pack and study and spend time with Lars and things just get compacted.  I know everything will work out really, I think I just need to work out and/or take a nap, I’m not sure what will make me feel better.  The cleaning team came yesterday so atleast I don’t have to clean anything tonight and I can enjoy the clean for a few days.  They reconditioned our wood floor and it looks really nice, I like the work they do especially because I don’t have to do it.  They do make fun of Roomba, their Dyson laughs at it.  Little do they know that even if I had a Dyson, Dysons don’t clean by themselves so I’ll take the less powerful roomba and have questionably clean corners but not have to actually operate the vacuum other then push a button and empty him.


Well I better get going home and finish packing.  I got all but a few shirts and a pair of shoes packed for what I think I need for clothing and it all fits in the carryon so far.  I still need to pack all the not clothing things like tooth brush, vitamins, business cards, gifts for the people we meet (extra large Hershey bars) etc but I still have a little carry on space and my backpack to go.


My blog is not updating via my normal method so this is a test so see if it works now…
I've planned out my afternoon of errands for China, hope I get it all done today because I'm running out of days!

Apparently my Friday post never posted, I don’t kn…

Apparently my Friday post never posted, I don’t know what happens but I really did not say too much anyway. This weekend was fun in a surreal sort of way; Friday K gave me a huge pile of maternity clothes and baby clothes because she wants them out of the house and I’m ‘next’ in line. This was a big surprise but hey, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth so I need to find a home for all this (currently unnecessary) stuff. We hung out with T&K for longer then usual and didn’t get home until late so I got up early to do the buttonholes, I ended up putting 10 on each side and they came out ok – I packed for the event that I considered extremely important to go to because I promised the person the outfit is for I would deliver it there and even with a foot plus of snow predicted I woke up Lars and we went to the event around 10. Friends got into a minor car accident on the way to this event, they are fine, but the roads were nasty to drive on. The event was more tiny then usual because of the weather and lots of people didn’t make it but those who did had a good time and I found transport for the outfit so by now it should be in his hands. I really would have liked to see if it fit right but I sent the extra fabric and if it needs modifications they can be done. The event was shortened due to weather so by 4 we were on our way home. The roads were still drivable but Lars was more of less white knuckle driving so we decided to skip any of the after gatherings and get home while we still could. Once we got home I shoveled for a while and we more or less had a complete extra day because we both just stayed up so late watching movies and looking at the snow. Sunday it was still snowing so we gave the driveway another shoveling (I’ll upload pictures later) and I am pretty glad we only get one major snow a year because today my arms and back really feel the workout.

The temp is just below freezing so it wasn’t too bad being outside and the cats kept wanting to go out. We threw Mr.Pink out the back door into a massive snow drift because he was begging to go out so badly – after that he really did not want to be outside anymore. \n Jingles ran out the front door and ran around for a while and we ended up going to look for her because she was out for a long time and it is really easy to track a cat in the snow. \n She had gotten herself kinda trapped because she could not get to the back door due to huge drifts so she was confused (she still does not understand that doors work both ways and will only go in the back door). \n We stayed up late watching TV and doing a puzzle and generally spending time together since I’ll be gone next week. I’m actually traveling tomorrow too and with Lars’s practice schedule and my school on Thursday last night was the last full night available before I leave.

I still have not given too much thought to packing, given current liquid regulations I’m not sure how I’m going to get contact solution to China. \nMy current solution is to fill a bunch of contact cases with solution unless I can find one tonight with under 3oz in a bottle. I plan on shopping for little things today, granola etc, but I can’t bring much since I’m going to fit all 10 days into carry on luggage. \n I’m still not as excited as I hoped I would be, probably because it really will be work, but the weekend we have free in Shanghai should make up for it. \n I’ll take a ton of pictures and if the internet is good there I’ll post.

That is about it for now, looking at another busy week but it should be fun.

Bev and I this weekend

Better late then never – this is Bev and I using the old ‘hold the camera at arms length’ technique and I think it turned out really well. In the background is the trail that was made on an old railroad bed that is nicely paved and runs from the cities all the way up to Duluth and Lars and I ride bikes on it all summer.

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TV Research;   New Adventures of Old Christine is …

TV Research;


New Adventures of Old Christine is coming back – next episode March 12th;

Project at 95%

I am almost done with the outfit!  I did the hem, neck detail, hand sewing on the sleeves, so all I have left is button holes.  I’m torn between wanting to get it done and knowing that doing button holes on my machine usually  results in some problem or another. The obvious alternative is hand made button holes.   Can I just use regular thread for that?  Or do I use floss?  I’m leaning that way since I only need to do 6 or 8.  I was looking for larger buttons so that they are easier to do with gloves on but Jo-Anns is devoid of useful buttons in general – I don’t think he would appreciate cutsie hearts or flower buttons.   Anyway, I got Lars to try it on and it fits him so it should fit Ambrose (I hope), the chest was tight and the arms were long but since he is about 6 inches taller then Lars and not as build I think it will work out.  


After sewing I ate dinner and fell asleep – then I woke up again and saw it was only 10:30 so I watched the Apprentice and it was ok but I think the show is getting old.   I still like the premise and sometimes  the tasks are really good but mostly it is a formula.  I miss Project Runway and I’m not sure they are doing a season this year because the hostess is having a baby.  They also seem to have canceled the new adventures of old Christine, I don’t see any upcoming episodes.  I’ll have to do some research on the shows so I know for sure….


Ok, time to get to work, my e-mails are creeping up over 100 again, I must battle them back.