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Another winner

Wow, today was quite a day.  I'm glad I can multitask because sometimes there were three people standing around me rapid firing questions on different projects all at the same time.  It could have been worse I suppose, they could have each been speaking a different language…  I did get alot done and atleast the most major of the problems put to bed. 
yesterday I did clear the table and surrounding area but I did not sew.  I have a clear plan for today and hopefully I don't get too distracted.  Tomorrow night is my first Stats class and I don't have the book so I need to get there early to buy one.  The teacher didn't have his book selected early enough to get one online…  Hopefully this class is interesting, I don't have high hopes but not expecting much I might be pleasantly surprised.  For those of you who are counting, this is my 4th masters class, it is the last of the initial 4 that are prerequisites for every other course.  I think I have 12 class left so at this rate 4 years to go.
Time to get going, hope everyone else had a more easy going stress free day then I did.


I am starting to think the Mondays are just too busy at work to actually post anything.  Yesterday was (obviously) no exception, I didn’t even read any of my daily blogs because between two long meetings and lots of general activity I was an hour late leaving.


The weekend in review is very similar to many other weekends at home.  I recall how much I wanted weekends at home when all we did was travel but at some point the balance tips.   I was busy though, I challenged myself to clean and I got the living room spotless and the computer room pretty clean and roomba vacuumed both thoroughly.   I did not get the dining room table clear so there is zero progress on the sewing but I did make headway.  I got distracted by two things, my Tivo dilemma and Hero’s of Might and Magic (computer game).  


Tivo problem; Tivo is upstairs, elliptical is downstairs, I want to watch shows I Tivo while running.   Previous solution was to make DVD’s of the shows and play them downstairs.  Of the 6 or so times I’ve tried this, it only worked kinda once.  The DVD player is really bad, it won’t play normal movies either and it actually destroyed 2 writeable DVDs.  My options as I saw them were; 1. buy a tivo for downstairs, found out that I would need tivo subscription too so that option would add up to hundreds of dollars over time.   2. buy a better dvd player, this could be anything from 50-150 and still might not work, plus, it might be the tv that doesn’t work well with DVD players and I can’t really test that without another player.   #3. network my upstairs Tivo to my computer and download the shows and watch them on my computer monitor.  I read about this a couple months ago and they came out with a wireless network connecter for $50 so that was the option I tried.   Needless to say, it isn’t exactly an easy process and TV+Tivo+Cable box is a delicate eco system that I definitely disturbed and all in all it took about a day to get everything in working order.   I successfully watched my first show downstairs while running yesterday and as a bonus, my computer screen is bigger then the TV I was using.


So that basically dominated my weekend.  The computer game is one of those tactics/planning games that sucks hours away and you don’t even know it.   Today I need to get the table clear and start sewing before I go near the game or I’ll loose another evening to it.


This coming weekend is an event, we are day tripping in because Lars is working Friday night.   I won rodeo tickets for this sat too and have to find someone to give them away to but I think I have a taker.  Hopefully tomorrow there will be a sewing update…

Date night Thursday (kinda)

Finally, FINALLY the Korea/China trip is just about planned.  By some virtue I can not identify, I was elected trip coordinator for this so yesterday I put pen to paper (ok, keyboard to excel) and planned out the route.   We will be leaving the US on Sat Mar 3 and returning Tuesday March 13 so I will be missing Haire Affair and one Masters class but that isn’t too bad.   First stop is Korea, then Shanghai, then Chongqing, then back to Shanghai and then back home.  Since we cover two weekends, the second weekend we are going to sight-see, why go alllll the way there to do nothing but work and come back and since we need to be there that Monday for one last supplier visit we have the weekend to see the sights.   This won’t be a vacation by any stretch of the imagination; we are going nonstop for most of this, but it will be a good stamp in the passport.


Last night I did not get to clean much, I got home and our friend Timmy called and wanted to do dinner and a movie.   I said we had to grocery shop too so all three of us ate at Famous Dave’s, then shopped, then went to the 9:10 showing of the Good Sheppard.  The food was good, the grocery store was all but abandoned, and the movie was good but on the confusing side.   I think it is one of those movies that you just have to see twice, not that there are surprises since I basically knew the history of CIA but there are just a ton of people to keep track of and everyone is crossing and double crossing each other.   Matt Damon is one of my favorite actors and he plays a pretty stoic role in this but he plays a good character and I was interested the entire time even though it didn’t end until nearly 12.   Finding a movie we all wanted was difficult because a lot of good ones come out today but I would recommend it overall.  Got home, unpacked groceries, and then straight to bed – cleaning is now pushed off until Sat because we are going to see T&K tonight and we haven’t been up to see them in 3 weeks.  

reason for the quiet

I’ve been delinquent at blogging.  Basically we had a huge problem that didn’t work out too well that I don’t really want to go into however it has been a dominant thing over the past week.   Because I don’t really want to talk about it, I don’t really have much else to say… 


Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon cleaning and only made a dent in the mess.  We havn’t done a good housecleaning since before we went to Mexico so I started yesterday.  I got the bedroom and bathroom clean and folded all the laundry.  All the Christmas stuff is down and the boxes are away.  Today I hope to get the diningroom and livingroom clean so over the weekend I can sew.  


Today I did one exciting thing, I finally found the sneaker/shoes that I have been wanting;

I already have them in brown but black has been pretty hard to find.  They are very comfortable and look professional enough that I can wear them to work.   They are one of those shoes that look good with pants and skirts and you can wear with or without socks.  If they weren’t $50 a pair I would own every color.


Over the next few weeks we hope to get over this problem, there really isn’t any fixing that can be done but we do have options on how to move forward.   I’m sure as we get working on options and there is more distance between me and the problem I’ll be more chipper and more apt to blog stuff.

Blue Monday

Today is apparently the most depressing day of the year . I don’t know if it is any better or worse then other days but that is what scientists say.


This weekend was extended for me a bit, I came down with something on Thursday night and I took Friday off and all weekend I either slept or dozed.   Today I’m feeling somewhat better and hopefully will be back to normal soon.  Hopefully work didn’t think that I needed a vacation from my vacation since I only worked 1 day in the office last week. I am glad I kept up with E-mail while gone because I’m actually in pretty good shape.


Since I didn’t really move much this weekend, very little got done around the house.  Shamefully, the Christmas tree is still up and so is the Christmas village but most of the other Christmas stuff is down.  I have a sewing project or two I need to get moving on but that would mean finding my table under the derbies of vacation and Christmas and mail etc etc etc.   I know once I get into it the projects will fly but I haven’t had much of a sewing mood. 


Plans for this week are Spartan.  I still have 2 weeks off before classes start so I need to make the best of my time.   I think we might be going to fight practice on Tuesday but we don’t have any SCA events this month. 


That is about it, not really an exciting update but it was more or less to say I’m still alive J

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