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best worst of the trip

the short version of Christmas review;

Best thing about Long Island; Family and friends and being part of the group

Worst thing about Long Island; public restrooms seem to all be smeared with poo and stink


Best thing I packed for the trip; Extra comfy pants for Lars since he worked the whole time there he only wore non pj pants 2 times

Worst thing I packed for the trip; my hairdryer.  Didn’t even touch it and it is delicate and bulky so it takes carryon space


Best thing about getting home; the Christmas flowers had just bloomed so I didn’t miss them

Worst thing about getting home; it did not magically clean itself


Best thing found upon arrival; gifts from Lars’ mom and sister

Worst thing found upon arrival; the cats have shredded all the plastic I put on windows, even windows I didn’t think they could reach


Post Christmas



I’m Back


I was in NY and had a great time for Christmas.  I did not write due to busy schedule and the fact that I mostly write for my parents and they were in the house with me.   Mom however checked my blog daily while I was there and once when I was in the room!   I realize that other people do read this and mom says she likes to see what I choose to write about even though she was there so here is my Christmas review, it will be long enough to make up for missing 5 days.


12/22 – where I left off – We did mini Christmas at our house and opened the things to each other and that other people had shipped to us.  Lars did awesome this year, he really knows what I like.  He got me a great watch, a couple books that took effort to choose just one to bring with me, and a few little things that were just really fun.  He liked what I got him too, mostly treats to eat like chocolate covered cherries and a funky cool mustard and a few other things he seemed to like.  My parents got me a ROOMBA and I had to leave it all alone because we were leaving in an hour but Mom also got one for Christmas so we got to play with hers and now I can’t wait to get mine going.  Our flight was delayed about an hour because our crew was stuck in Denver but we got to NY just fine and all luggage made it too.  


12/23 – Visited with family and my good highshool friend and got some last min shopping done.  Got everything I brought wrapped and just had a mellow day


12/24 – more of the same plus church and a very long yoga class where I was complimented on the flexibility of my spine but I found out I’ve lost a lot of ab muscles so I should get back to pilates soon.


12/25 – Fun day long, non stop Christmas.  Went from parents to grandmothers back to parents house to set up for dinner to dinner to hanging out and finally to bed.


12/26 – Took me a while to figure out it was Tuesday already, somehow Christmas seemed like it should have been a Sunday.  


12/27 – more family and friends and hanging out.  We went to an all you can eat shshi place and it was very good sushi.  I ate so much I felt sick.  Lars and Konrad ate so much sushi I think they were glad to see us leave.   We finally played the game Lars has been looking forward to for a month and it was kinda dull and had a lot of directions but might be better the second time.


12/28 – got up early to see Dad before work and to see Heather since she had to leave early too.  Hung out and packed and relaxed some and ended the trip with a last visit to grandy’s and then to the airport.  Very uneventful check in and flight and home to cats.   I checked our voice mail and found 2 messages from JAIL!  Apparently the jail phone system is collect only so our voice mail got an automated message about ‘accepting charges’ but it didn’t say who was in jail.  We called the few local people we know well enough that may have tried calling us and they were all ok.  Just one call I would have said was a wrong number but there were 2 on two different days 2 days apart.  Hopefully I’m not letting someone down by not bailing the out of jail but I can’t think of anyone who might be in there.  I called the jail and they said they have 175 people at the moment and could look up any name I wanted but they can’t tell me who called because of the collect phone system.  Mystery end to the trip…


12/29 – In work, about 10 other people are here.  It is silent and by 9 am I had everything worth doing done so I read some blogs and now am writing this.  I think I’ll go home for lunch and not come back but I’ll keep my laptop up incase anything pops up.


So that was basically it    The holiday season is still going, New Years is next and then Cancun J


3 more hours of work

6 hours before we are at the airport

7 hours before we take off for HOME for Christmas

3 days until Christmas


In the 3 hours of work I have very little I have to do…. I have been a busy bee this week and finished my stuff early.  


In the 3 hours post work, pre airport I need to get Kitty litter and pack our carryons – hopefully I don’t forget anything, packing last night was interspersed with folding laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning, chatting with Patti, and watching TV – I realized that I only packed one pair of pants about 11pm and shoved in 2 other pairs immediately before I forgot again.   We also must close up the house and give the cats a massive bowel of food.  I also cleaned out the freezer and fridge of anything that would be tragic should the fridge pick this week to die when we are gone.


I already checked us in for the flight and as of now Lars and I are not sitting together, hopefully someone will switch so we can watch movies but if not I’ll just sleep.  


I may not post much over the next few days so MERRY CHIRSTMAS and hope everyone is having a good holiday season.

Shortest day of the year – lots to do

Happy winter solstice – shortest day of the year.  I don’t know if it was light out when I went to work this morning or not because there is a fairly ominous set of clouds sitting over the state.  We are pretty lucky here north of the cities because south of the cities there is a major ice storm going on.  Some of that might get up here later today but I hope not because I drove the Saturn and it is not great in the ice.  I really hope the storm blows away before I need to be on an airplane tomorrow because nothing is worse then delays at an airport.


Last night we went to visit friends and do Christmas with them, the third person we were going to visit was actually at the first house already so he just joined in the party.  The second house is stricken with the flu so we will see them after we get back so we really only had one place to be so we had a nice dinner and a lovely cheese and fruit and meat course and we sat around and talked until 10:30.  By the time we got home I was just about asleep and I forgot all about Lars opening a gift because I took a shower and went to bed.  We will have to open something on Friday I guess, I think he forgot too so I don’t feel bad.


Yesterday morning I went to a supplier and it was dull, a tour of a fairly out of date plant is hard to get excited about.  Seeing the place was good really, sets their place in my mind, but given I only have two days left to finish a bunch of stuff I could have thought of better things to do.  Today my goal is to complete my yearly review (big report thing) that according to some people is very important and other people say is a waste of time because all bonuses etc are decided already – I will put a fair amount of effort into it but I’m not going to drive myself crazy.  Tonight should be mellow until 8pm when a few people from work are coming over to see the coworker that just moved.  I need to get home and spruce the house, it is generally clean but needs straightening.  Hopefully I will be able to get packed for the week in NY too but I’ll see what sort of time I actually have….  Hopefully holiday plans are all going smoothly for you all

First day of 27

After the endless day of meetings was over I was wiped out and went home to take a nap.   I did not nap at all because I got sucked into the book I’m reading and then Lars came home and then I had my 6pm conference call….  So no nap.  The 15min quietly reading in bed was restorative though because after my call I hunted for presents and finally found them, they were hidden really well, and then we drove down to the Mall of America to my favorite Sushi place and I ate a ton of sushi, so much I could not finish it all.  We missed the movie time we originally aimed for because there was a wait for dinner so we stopped at starbucks so I could stay awake through a 9:20 showing or Eragon and we met Tim there and watched the movie.  Post movie we went to Perkins for dessert and we caught up on some political gossip and I fell into bed at 12:30.  Eragon was ok, not that great a movie but the concepts are good.  It is similar enough to the book, I was disappointed with the things they skipped and some things they did absolutely opposite from the book but I really wasn’t that huge a fan of the book.  They did a great job with the dragon herself, she is the best thing in the movie.  The scenery in general is good too but if you are trying to deide between this movie and another I bet the other is better (except for Borat, that movie was disturbing).


Now I shift focus 100% to Christmas and travel plans.  I know I have a bit more birthday on Wednesday and maybe when I get to NY but Christmas is the main event now.  Last year we picked a day and drove to all our local friends to deliver presents and it worked out well so we are doing it again this year.  I need to exercise my logistical brain to pack gifts in a way that they are in the car in the right order so there is no searching in the dark/cold to find the right thing for the house we are at.  Delivery day for us is this Wednesday, first stop will be T&K, second R&S then Timmy then our neighbor and finally Lars can open one thing from me (the pile of presents is killing him).  Thursday my work friend that moved is coming to stay for the night because she is picking up her daughter for the final move, the daughter has been staying with friends the past 3 weeks to finish the semester.  Friday we need to go to the airport right after work so all we will have time for Friday is to pour a huge bowel of food for the cats and lock up – not enough time for mini Christmas, so Wednesday Lars gets to start Christmas.  We will open the remainder of our stuff when we get back after Christmas so this holiday will stretch for over a week for us J


Given that busy schedule, I basically have today to finish all the little things, clean some, do laundry, and pack so I don’t need to worry about it on the days I have plans.  Once we get to NY I have a bunch of plans but mostly they are have fun with family and have fun with friends.  I’m shopping with my friend B on Saturday just to enjoy that Christmas eve shopping fun and we are gong to go into the city at some point to see another friend perform in a club.  The only downsides are that Lars has to work while in NY so he can’t really go away from the house during business hours, and, my sister with kids won’t be there at all this year so her waking us up at 6am to open presents will be missed (is #2 a sarcastic statement? You decide).


Ok, time to go back to the business of the day.

Happy Dec 18

Today is a popular day to be born; G1, a guy at work, Brad Pitt, and me.  Guy at work I think got tired of me only mentioning Brad Pitt so he gave me this list of other people with today as their birthday; Actor Roger Smith, guitarist Lonnie Brooks, Director Steven Spielberg, Singer Cowboy Troy, Rapper DMX and Actress Katie Holmes.


So far all I know is that Lars is hiding presents around the house for me.  There will be no hints so I just need to search the house.   I’m sure we will do something about dinner but I don’t know what yet.  I brought in Christmas cookies and brownies today to work so I think I will be sweets maxed out by tonight.     


It seems the flu was unavoidable – there are 3 people home with it today from work and friends of ours we saw Friday had just gotten over it meaning Lars was exposed last Monday and we both got leftover germs on Friday.  We both seem to have had a pretty mild case and are both pretty over it.  


I have back to back to back meetings today, including a lunch meeting and somewhere in-between meetings I need to do my annual review write up.  I submitted my grade and tuition bill and hopefully I get all reimbursed without a problem, I think I finally learned all the tricks of the system.