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Day 30

Today has been hectic – lots of things to do at work, both older projects and new emergencies.


I am at the offsite office on a Thursday because of the class yesterday so I went out to lunch with the friend who had the baby that is a girl (but was supposed to be a boy) because she lives close to this site.  It was nice to see her and the baby is very cute, I think she is a little bored at home.  


One thing I have not mentioned is the quality of the coffee at the offsite is poor.   Last week it came out in globs and today it is lukewarm and tastes burned.  I don’t know why I keep trying but it is cold here so I just want a warm cup.  It suddenly went from 55 degrees to 7 over the last 24 hours.


Well, I feel like I should have something momentous to say about the final day of national blog month but really I have to run and do work.  If I come up with something I’ll post it later but just in case, November has been fun, I will likely continue to post daily even when I don’t have much to say because my parents read and it is my way of keeping them in touch with my life in between phone calls.  If you are a ‘new’ person leave me a note or something in comments, I have noticed that my stats are way up.



Second shopping trip of the Christmas season

Last night was really fun.  We went shopping at 9 pm and got a bunch of stuff and only paid* 8 dollars.  


Why did we go at 9pm?  Well I had an emergency conference call at 8pm (that part was not fun) and we had Kohls bucks to spend this week only and yesterday was the only evening we both had semi free.


$8?  We shopped a lot on Black Friday and got a $10 coupon for ever $50 we spent so we got gifts for a bunch of people virtually free


Today I ordered what my sister and her husband wanted from a catalogue so all I have left are some more catalogue/online orders and a trip to JC Penny, the Alpaca Store, and Brookstones so basically a trip to the Mall of America.  Darn… I bet we even end up and the good sushi place….  Maybe we will go next weekend, Lars is working all this weekend and we are doing so well shopping together.  This weekend I hope to put up the Christmas lights and I have a feeling I will be doing my take home final exam, I’ll know more about that after tonights class.  I can’t believe the semester is almost over, time flys with good classes.  Next semester is Stats and I’m not really looking forward to it but it really can’t be all that bad.


Time to go to a class that has been canceled 3 times and is finally happening

Goodbye to a friend

A very good work friend is leaving the company today.  She got a great offer and it is the right thing for her to do but it is still sad for me.  I don’t know why I bother making friends since either I or they leave.   She is one of those people who knows a bit about everything and was very wise in general and I’ll miss having her around to visit during the day.  Oh well, technically she will be back mid December and she is going to stay with me so I’ll see her and I’m sure we will keep in touch.


Last night was uneventful, I did my homework that ended up being easier then I thought but I didn’t get any sewing done at all.   I fell asleep early in the evening but woke up when Lars got home and then I was wide awake until midnight so today I am a little off step.   I have a bunch of little meetings all day, nothing that will get me very far and they are spaced out just enough that I can’t get into any of my other projects.  Tonight I am going back to Kholes to spend the Kholes dollars we got over the weekend and I must get my shipping done for my sister and nephew’s birthday etc.


Nothing else fantastic – the silly calendar says that today is Make your Own Head day and Red Planet Day.  I have no clue about the former and the latter sounds like an ode to Mars.  I don’t think either are too interesting, nothing like Party with your Bear.  

Monday again

I hope everyone liked my guest writer, Lars did well and he didn’t even complain too much.  


Yesterday I did both sleeves for the outfit I’m making for Ambrose, ate dinner, and fell asleep.  Sitting in a car for 5 hours is tiring.  Today I need to do homework and reading for class and I need to mail a bunch of packages.  I also hope to make some more progress on the outfit and maybe cut something new out for me.  At some point this week I would like to do the Christmas lights but I think that will probably wait until the weekend but the weather is so warm I want to get it done before it turns arctic.  I won’t turn the lights on for at least another week but getting them up there is the fun part.  


Household item – this weekend I changed all the felt pads on my kitchen table and chairs, they were starting to mark the floor so I pried off the old one and put nice new ones on. I should probably do this more then once a year but I never remember, I’ll put it on my calendar for next year.  


Only a few more days of National Blog posting month, it has been fun and I promise to keep posting but just maybe not every day on the weekends.


Back from the event, it was a nice girls weekend (plus Josh).  I need to read through the hand out binder we got since I didn’t get to all the classes I wanted to because many were in the same time slot.  After a fantastic dinner at the Great Dane nobody felt like post reveling or going to the club we kinda planned on going to and we all hung out and fell asleep.  We got up nice and early and hit the road and I am now home.  Lars did the dishes while I was gone (he must have missed me) so I think I’m going to get some sewing done and get ready for the week.

Guest Post

Hi all, Lars here guest posting for my wife. She is at an event called “Clothier’s Seminar” I’m sure you all realize why she’s there and I’m not.

I don’t have much to say beyond that I miss her and look forward to her return tomorrow. I did get to do a little shopping today which was nice. Its a little rough having to shop for her birthday and xmas at the same time. I think I’m going to skip her birthday this year. (kidding honey….)

Well, that’s about all the juice I have in me. I realize it wasn’t terribly interesting and I apologize, but you’re not getting the 60 seconds it took you to surf here and read this back, ever.


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Weather: Surprisingly warm for Minnesota.
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Reading: Gerorge RR Martin’s “A Feast for Crows”