Archive | October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Halloween on a Tuesday is kinda odd.  I know it can’t always be on a weekend or Friday but I don’t feel very ready.   Nobody at work is dressed up, I’m glad I brought my costume in a bag.  I didn’t go all out at all, just hospital scrubs and a mask but they are still in the bag because I’m not going to be the only one.   Tonight I might dress up, might just wear a wig.  I have my bags and candles for luminaries and I bought two long lighters because I hate trying to light these with matches and if I depend on one lighter it is sure to break.   We got two bags of candy, hopefully that is enough.  Our area is pretty small and I don’t think there are more then 20 kids under 15 living in our development so unless they drive in two bags should be enough.  


The bread last night was tasty.  Lars and I ate one of the little loaves and Lars said it wasn’t sour enough to be called sour dough bread but I could taste it.   I need to get more regular sized bread pans if I intended on keeping up with this.  I also have to call Dad for his recipes…   Last night I got a lot of little things done but we didn’t get grocery shopping so we are out of just about everything and I didn’t get my homework done so between trick-or-treaters I’ll be reading business law.


Anyone else dress up?


Pre and Post oven


I owe a few pictures, here are my Monkey curtans made from fabric my mom found. Isn’t this awesome fabric.