Archive | October 27, 2006

Sorry I’m late

I’m falling down on my posts, I almost missed today, Mule Day.


Work was/is crazy.  I had an 8am design review followed almost immediately by a conference call and then another meeting right after lunch.   I finally have time now to get a look at my e-mail and I am very behind on my weekly maintenance stuff because of the big stupid project that fell in our lap that took all extra time.


Thanks for the weekend updates, it is really fun to get comments J  I’m still undecided on weekend plans but they will include a trip to SR Harris with G2 and decorating for Halloween.  


I have nothing fun to say about Mule Day other then I can’t believe Mules’ get their own holiday.   I don’t think I have ever seen a real mule but I did wear mule shoes yesterday. 


Tonight I am going up to T&K as usual, I’m hoping that before I go I can take a run or something.   The weather here is so nice, sunny, 65 and clear.  I’ll probably end up just finishing the leaf mulching, the last tree finally dropped it’s leaves yesterday, but it will be nice to be outside enjoying the day.   Yesterday we got cable and I spent an hour plus canceling our direct TV.  I am very glad to be rid of them, hopefully now we can watch tv when it rains.   The only bad thing is our TiVo only records one channel at a time and that sucks since we are very used to the dual tuner.  It does have all the other nice tivo features and this one can burn dvd’s so we could save things if we want to.   I’ll have to read the manual this weekend sometime.


Tomorrow is an actual ‘national’ day, it is Navy day so I’m sending an E-card to my Navy friend in England.   I bet they do all sorts of fun stuff to celebrate.