Archive | October 23, 2006

Weekend in Review

No posts this weekend, I was a dervish of activity.


Friday night we both went to see T&K and out to eat at the German place with other friends.   German food was ok, the restaurant itself was impressive with a very realistic beer hall look – rough stone, handmade door with ancient looking iron work.  The real oddity is that it had a light plumb ceiling (almost mauve) and since I have never seen a real beer hall I don’t know if that is right or not.   The only bad part was that we didn’t get there until 9ish so I was not really too hungry since I ate a yogurt and a chunk of cinnamon bread before we left.   We had a good time all in all and got home at 12:30 and I forced myself to sleep so I could get up super early to go to the even.


The event was good enough.  I would have been 100% board if G2 and other fun people weren’t there to talk to.   Dinner (off site) was the best part because it was a fun social time and the drive home was nice and short for an event and we rolled in about 10.  Sunday I used the leaf blower/mulcher and I finished the front yard Lars started and did 90% of the back yard.  The machine was very useful and not quite as quick as I hoped but the annoying thing was that it’s bag got full too quickly.   About ¼ of the time out there was emptying and reattaching the bag.  I’m not sure how to be more efficient at it but it took all the daylight.   Once it was getting dark I started doing the window coverings.  I got the upstairs done and this afternoon I should be able to finish the other floors.   I also want to make a draft catcher for the big patio doors.  I looked at them in the store and the best price I found was $10 for a standard door so I spent $5 on a huge bag of cheap rice and I know I have enough fabric and I think I am capable of making long tubes to put rice in for the 3 French doors.   I fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow and now it is Monday.