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I am not a big fan of posting links to funny stuff but this is great;
I realy wanted to put it in Renal Failure  but he only allows friends to post….  8K, maybe you can pass it on.

The Test is Done

I think my teacher played a mean trick on me.  He has quite the sense of humor and I can see him thinking this would be funny…   About a month before the class I e-mailed him to ask what book he was using and when he told me I went to Amazon and bought it.  Two weeks later he said that the book he told me was not unavailable to the bookstore so he was going to use the new addition but he didn’t think much could be different.   In the end, about half the cases in the text are different …  So fast forward to the night we are talking about the test and I ask if the cases will be on it.   He says “the cases we spent so much time on?  What do you think?”  So I asked if there was a list of the cases and he let me borrow his book for the week.   Now doesn’t that say study the cases to you???  Yesterday on the test there were ZERO questions about any case.   In the 5 essay questions I threw in an applicable case because I would not be denied.  I suppose it was a good exercise in the end.  I took the whole 3 hours, there were 60 T/F or multiple choices and they took me exactly an hour and the other two hours were divided between 5 essays.   I left feeing confident that I had caught most of his traps but I’m sure I didn’t get 100.


I got home and ate a tasty sandwich and Lars and I watched the season finale of Project Runway.   I am so glad the spoiler I read was wrong because the designer we both liked best won.  There was drama and everything.  They implied in the last show they were going to kick off one of the final designers for having help on his final collection and it was very cool that they did not (and it also made good tv).  


Tonight I’m going over to G2 to talk reign stuff and Friday night I’m either going to T&K or out to eat with other friends and Saturday I am back on the event circuit J  So much for taking it easy.


Today is reflect on your life day and I might participate, might not, definitely not in this post.