Archive | October 12, 2006

Busy busy day yesterday.  I had to both work at wo…

Busy busy day yesterday.  I had to both work at work and do homework so I didn’t even get to read any blogs much less write one yesterday.   I got the homework done and the work done but it was like a 40 mile sprint.  I should have had my homework done the day before but I got home from looking at appliances and visiting a friend and eating dinner and I was so tired I fell asleep at 10pm.   Last night I got home at 10 and was not tired right away but by 11 I was sleeping.  Today I need to do the Who’s who for crown, it will be a quick job and I’ll run off 100 copies at work.   I’m going to try and do a crossword puzzle too with everyone’s names if I have a chance.


Today or tomorrow of Sunday Lars and I need to winterize the house.  Bring in patio furniture, put up plastic on windows, and fix the garage door opener.   The opener has been broken for almost a year and we tried to fix it but we made it worse.  Last winter we just manually opened and shut the door and all summer we parked in the driveway but I think we need to just get it fixed already.   This morning I had to scrape lots of frost off my windows and it was not fun.


Nothing else interesting going on, didn’t even eat anything fun or see any crazy drivers in the past few days.   I think people are going into hibernation….