Archive | October 6, 2006

10/7 Late

Mood: late
Weather: crisp
Gas: $ 2.12

Darn… I had a good streak going there. Oh well, missed a day…

Work has taken over my life with a major problem that includes lots of work at home. It was a great night yesterday because I got to skip the call for class and class is fun this semester so I usually get home in a good mood. The problem is semi undercontrol but I would not call it solved and I’m leaving for NY in the morning (EARLY morning). I am packed and double checked the newest carry on regulations and I am in compliance. Mom, I need to borrow contact solution because they only let you take 3 oz and my travel bottle is 5 oz. I also need to buy deodorant there, you are only allowed one sandwich bag of liquids/gels and I needed to fit my face cream and makeup stuff so the deodorant was the easiest to replace. I suppose the minor inconvenience is worth some added safety.