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Welcome to October! The Eighth month in the Roman…

Welcome to October!

The Eighth month in the Roman calendar
This month contains Columbus day (Oct 9), Oktoberfest (all month), Leif Eriksson day (Oct 9th), Webster’s Birthday (Oct 16), the anniversary of the UN (10/24/1945), the anniversary of Alaska as a state (10/18/1867), St Francis’s feast day (10/4) and the end of daylight savings time.

Take a minute to think of any October birthdays or anniversaries that you should get a card for… that and do Oct bills are my to-do this week.

Halloween is my favorite October holiday but next on the agenda I will be celebrating my friends wedding for Columbus Day in NY so this week is a short week. I took Friday and Monday off so I can see family more. I don’t know if we are even doing anything for Halloween, I’ll still decorate some and have the candy, but we are not going out with any kids nor are we invited to any parties.

Work is being extra fun today… will post more later