Archive | October 1, 2006

The uninvited guests

I forgot to mention the rude gross party crashers that snuck in about half way through and annoyed everyone.

I killed them.

They were bees, flys, and Asian lady bugs – about 20 or 30 found their way in. I amused the three guests who stayed late with me hunting bugs with the vacuum but the flys are the hardest to catch and one is still bussing around me now.

His days are numbered


Mood: good
Weather: still nice

The party, I believe, was a great success. We got the house and yard in reasonable order and I was out of the shower before the first guest arrived (just). The only funny problem was probably that I spilled soft scrub (with bleach) on my pants that are made of some sort of non natural swishy fabric so I figured they were saveable so I just threw them in the shower to rinse off the bleach but I ended up leaving them in the tub to drip a bit and then my first guest arrived and they were forgotten. Until… 9 at night when Lars mentioned them, after he and at least 2 other guest showered with them (they had sweaty practice before so this was semi planned shower). Oh well, if pants in the tub were the worst thing I think that is ok.

We had apx 2x the amount of food needed, almost exactly, so good thing we like chicken, burgers and hotdogs. The half a sheet cake is slightly worrying, how long will that keep? The extra crackers and stuff that were out I dumped but all the extra sausage and cheeses got into the fridge in time to be fine. Our goal now is to keep the house fairly neat, maybe it will last 🙂

I gave away about half of the stuff I wanted to give away. The rest will get packed up for next time, or future gifts, or future reigns, or if someone I like wins crown…

Today I have very little I have to do. I have to get a gift for a baby shower on Monday but other then that I’m free. I want to take a bike ride since the weather is awesome, sunny, crisp, clear and maybe the last of the season. I’m adding to the to-do list plant bulbs but I need to check if we have had our frost yet. I bought the bulbs last week and they are in the garage. I got 150 crocuses for in the yard and about 60 more tulips for the flower bed. I should do something about adding nutrition or something to the flower bed too but there are flowers there at the moment. Last year I think I did bulb planting in November… I should also read my homework chapters but that isn’t bad.

Next week I’m in NY for a wedding but mostly to see my parents, friends, and nephews.