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Happy Halloween

Halloween on a Tuesday is kinda odd.  I know it can’t always be on a weekend or Friday but I don’t feel very ready.   Nobody at work is dressed up, I’m glad I brought my costume in a bag.  I didn’t go all out at all, just hospital scrubs and a mask but they are still in the bag because I’m not going to be the only one.   Tonight I might dress up, might just wear a wig.  I have my bags and candles for luminaries and I bought two long lighters because I hate trying to light these with matches and if I depend on one lighter it is sure to break.   We got two bags of candy, hopefully that is enough.  Our area is pretty small and I don’t think there are more then 20 kids under 15 living in our development so unless they drive in two bags should be enough.  


The bread last night was tasty.  Lars and I ate one of the little loaves and Lars said it wasn’t sour enough to be called sour dough bread but I could taste it.   I need to get more regular sized bread pans if I intended on keeping up with this.  I also have to call Dad for his recipes…   Last night I got a lot of little things done but we didn’t get grocery shopping so we are out of just about everything and I didn’t get my homework done so between trick-or-treaters I’ll be reading business law.


Anyone else dress up?


Pre and Post oven


I owe a few pictures, here are my Monkey curtans made from fabric my mom found. Isn’t this awesome fabric.

fun afternoon

Today for an hour I got to test three different ATV’s for comfort.  These are brand new and very nice and since it is 65 degrees and sunny out it was a great way to pass the time.  I’ll end up doing a bit of work at home but that’s ok.


Yesterday I started my first yeast bread, I went home at lunch to do step two and three and hopefully tonight I can cook it and it will taste like bread.   In the efforts of eating healthier stuff, fresh bread chemical free should be better for us.  Unless I messed it up, then store bought bread might be safer.   My first problem is I could not get the 4th cup of flour to mix in so it has about 3.3 cups.  My second problem is finding a place that is warm for rising… we have vent heat so no handy radiator for it to sit on.   So from the bread makers, is sun good or bad for dough?  How about starter, does it need light?  I don’t want to poison us with mold.


Ok, time to go home and get going on home projects.  I’ll alert the media if I make passing fair bread.

Weekend Review

I had a wonderful no plans, no travel weekend.  We started out with our regular trip to T&K’s where we saw their cute kids and the baby is at least twice the size she started and still looks a lot like T.   Saturday we slept in until 8 and then I played a mindless computer game, cake mania for hours.  I started out with the trial version from Pogo but you can only play that for an hour before you have to buy the game for $20.   I looked around the internet and found that shockwave, for a small fee, lets you play cake mania plus a ton of other silly yet fun mindless games for unlimited time.   So I was frivolous with that for awhile while I was doing laundry.  Lars and I went out shopping in Maplewood and we got some stuff at Jo-Anns for Halloween, Lars picked out a big rubber ugly rat.   After that we went to appliancesmart to look at refrigerators for when ours eventually dies.  We have decided we want a white one, with the freezer on the bottom, no door icemaker (because we seldom use ice and it takes up a ton of room), and we want the type that has two refrigerator doors.   They run in the $900 range so we can be ready to buy when this one dies.  After that we went to the regular mall to pick up a few things and we ended up at Games By James with a new game.   We went over to the neighbors and played until way to late and celebrated daylight savings time with them.


Sunday I did Halloween decorations and cleaned a bunch and then went to G2 to go to SR Harris.   I got a great piece of white leather I’m going to make into a wrack for Lars and I got everything I need for Ambrose’s gift.  This week I need to start sewing and since I’ve finished all the miscellaneous winterizing tasks like plasticing the windows and turning off the outside faucets I can get going on inside stuff.   I, as always, have homework to do and cake mania is calling my name….


Work promises to be fun again this week, I’ll be running around all tomorrow and in training most of Wednesday so nothing better go wrong.

Sorry I’m late

I’m falling down on my posts, I almost missed today, Mule Day.


Work was/is crazy.  I had an 8am design review followed almost immediately by a conference call and then another meeting right after lunch.   I finally have time now to get a look at my e-mail and I am very behind on my weekly maintenance stuff because of the big stupid project that fell in our lap that took all extra time.


Thanks for the weekend updates, it is really fun to get comments J  I’m still undecided on weekend plans but they will include a trip to SR Harris with G2 and decorating for Halloween.  


I have nothing fun to say about Mule Day other then I can’t believe Mules’ get their own holiday.   I don’t think I have ever seen a real mule but I did wear mule shoes yesterday. 


Tonight I am going up to T&K as usual, I’m hoping that before I go I can take a run or something.   The weather here is so nice, sunny, 65 and clear.  I’ll probably end up just finishing the leaf mulching, the last tree finally dropped it’s leaves yesterday, but it will be nice to be outside enjoying the day.   Yesterday we got cable and I spent an hour plus canceling our direct TV.  I am very glad to be rid of them, hopefully now we can watch tv when it rains.   The only bad thing is our TiVo only records one channel at a time and that sucks since we are very used to the dual tuner.  It does have all the other nice tivo features and this one can burn dvd’s so we could save things if we want to.   I’ll have to read the manual this weekend sometime.


Tomorrow is an actual ‘national’ day, it is Navy day so I’m sending an E-card to my Navy friend in England.   I bet they do all sorts of fun stuff to celebrate.