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Ok is not so OK

Mood: Glad to be back
Weather: 75 and sunny
Gas: $2.??

Happy 4th of July!

My last few days, Thursday – Monday were spent in the state of Oklahoma where my sister is currently stationed. As the godmother of her new(ish) baby boy I had to be there for the christening but the highlights for the weekend were slim. On the flip side, there really weren’t many bad moments – really just alot of dull moments.

I enjoyed seeing my parents and other sister who arrived on Friday night
I did not enjoy driving 2.5 hours to see a supplier that was closed even though I had an apt
I enjoyed watching groundhogs frolic on the side of the road
I did not enjoy the poor (caused by stress) attitude of Her Husband or her MotherIn Law
I could probably go back and forth alot but in focusing on the good stuff her older little boy is super cute and smart. He is in a parrot stage and repetats anything and he also knows where everything in the house is and will bring you anything you ask for as long as he can reach it. He is like a super advanced cat 🙂 The baby is a baby and very smiley. This sister is actually moving to Texas for training and taking both kids and the husband is staying but moving to another house,(they are staying married but I don’t’ know how this will work out really) they now have owned 3 houses and are 2 years younger then me.

Back to my part of the world… Lars picked me up from the airport and we tried a new Asian place, it was good overall – very large portions. We went for a bike ride for about 10 miles down to the big lake and although we didn’t get bitten by many bugs we sure ran into alot, now I know how a windshield feels. Today we have evening 4th of July plans but I’m going to try and get a bunch of cleaning and projects done this morning. I am glad I saw everyone but every idle second there made me think of the 1000 things I needed to do at home.