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Found a gift basket we forgot to unpack under a pi…

Found a gift basket we forgot to unpack under a pile of garb – add 5 more to the soap total. We also got a drop spindle and an inkle loom so when mom visits she can have a project

Anyone want some soap

Mood: productive
Weather: 75d and sunny
Gas: $?

It’s true, you get alot of soap as Queen. I am organizing the royal stuff room and I made a pile of soap and I have 9 bars. Anyone want a bar of fancy soap?

In unrelated activity for the day I purchased a weed wacker… it is loud and hurts my hands to use too long but it does eat the weeds.


Mood: fine
Weather: ok
Gas: $2.99 in Wisconsin

Lars and I just did a marathon driving 2 days. We left for an event just over the IL border on Friday after work and we left the event after court and got back home at 1am. It was nice to wake up at home and to have all today to do house things but I missed all the fun parties and hanging out at the event.

inspired to write today

I just wrote a lovely post about all the stuff I’ve been doing over the last 5 months but blogger ate it, here is the super short version;

Masters+Full time job+ Being Queen = little time for anything else.

Work was super nuts for a while including sending me to Malaysia over Easter. SCA has been a blast but we travel every Friday and Sunday and have events on sat but it is cool being the King and Queen. I got an A in my first class and I’m half through my second – I’m learning a lot including how to read massive amounts of dull stuff.

I have been keeping in touch with some people – Verizon IN is great and I have an hour each way to class to chat with people. Anyone want to get in touch let me know.

Time to pack for this weeks trip – maybe I’ll have time to write more, maybe not~