Archive | February 2006

Been a long time

Mood: good
Weather: cold
Gas: $2.12

It has been a very long month. So much has happened but nothing super noteworthy. Here is a brief list;
got vaguely disgruntled that nobody de-lurked
parents, my 2 true readers, went on vacation so I didn’t write
went to the fabric mecca SR Harris 2 weekends in a row
Sewed a houpe for Lars – helped another friend sew a houpe for herself (events separated by 3 weeks)
Lars and I agreed to clean 10 min a day, every day, to help keep our house looking like humans live here
I have attended my first 2 masters classes – good in general
got a parking ticket the first week, walked over a mile to avoid parking ticket the second – hope for the best tomorrow (3rd class)
Last week I think I spent about 15 min at my desk all week however I spent hours every night trying to catch up. So far the new commodity is 300% more work for 10% more pay that puts me 45% under the average for my job description. Good thing the people are nice.
Snow mobiled with Korean suppliers – they had no experience and NO FEAR they were going over jumps like crazy people.
Over the last month exercise has not been a priority and somehow I lost a few pounds. I need to get back into a routine – starting Thursday 😉
I have gone to 3 events in a row, now I have a weekend off, but I still really like being a princess
Lars has new eyes – ok, they are his old eyes but now no glasses AND flex actually worked and we got our check in the mail so the procedure was a 100% success
A few people started leaving comments so I thought it might be time to tune back in….
and here I am. Hopefully back on the writing wagon so long as you all like my stereo instruction like writing style I’ll keep writing.

PS. Happy Valentines day 🙂