Archive | November 2, 2005

Afternoon observation

The day after Halloween candy picking are very good at my work. I have much sugar to choose from…

Friend Service Announcement.

You know who you are… Do not, under any circumstances, in any universe, even when very drunk sleep with the ‘office slut’. You will be looked down on by everyone because everyone will know and they will think you are desperate and easy so just don’t do it.
**I don’t know this from personal experience, don’t worry mom and dad**

Mood: ok Weather: fall Gas: $2.16 Wow, I’m bad a…

Mood: ok
Weather: fall
Gas: $2.16


I’m bad at updating. I’m going to try a new format… less long posts, more short observations. Who knows, maybe it will work. Anyway, I was among the missing because last week Monday and Tuesday I was in a training class that lasted way too late every day but at least they gave us dinner. Wed and Thursday were spent catching up. Friday I took the GMAT and it went ok but I scored lower then I hoped. I have a feeling I was sick last Friday because it was a bad day overall and I found out that I was running a fever on Sat. Took it easy all weekend. Halloween was fun but I was sick so I didn’t walk around the neighborhood. Yesterday I still had a fever so I went to the stupid doctor who didn’t do a thing and I will not go back to him. Today I’m feeling much better and I am back at work.

Observation of the morning; Airborne (the tablet medicine) is the best. They should have a statue built to them because one tablet of that stuff makes you better for most of the day. I am not recommendation the taste because it is really bad, so bad that chugging a glass of vodka would taste better, but the results are worth the nasty taste.