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11-28-05 024

11-28-05 024
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This is what I did all weekend! I climbed a very tall ladder and put up 6 strings of lights on the house and a string for each tree. I also went to Thanksgiving dinner at friends, played a bunch of games, and I even managed to get up at 4:30 am to shop on Friday – it was actually very fun.

My desk is a sea of paper

Mood: busy busy busy
Weather: snowing a little
Gas: $2.16

work is being nuts! I can not see the surface of my desk…. 3 jobs is 1 too many (I had 2 before).

We went to meet SCA people for an A&S discussion and we ended up with a pretty cool concept for a competition. We are going to challenge all the groups in the kingdom to make a group project to be displayed at crown. At the end of the day, a representative from each group will draw the name of another participating group and that’s is who they give their project too. Every group will go home with something made by someone else and I think it is a great idea.

No more time to write! I need to get through all this work~


Mood: busy
Weather: gray and rainy
Gas: $1.12

I have been sorta promoted at work. I have not changed boss, group, or seat but I’m taking over a new bigger responsibility area from a guy who is moving to a supervisor role effective Monday. The fun thing is I don’t exactly give up anything for at least a few weeks, half my stuff will go to a person who is currently on medical leave who will hopefully be back in 2 weeks and the other half will be to a new hire. Soooo my inbox runnuth over.

Lars’ visit to the eye surgeon went very well – he will have modified eyes by the end of Jan we just have to pick a week to do it where he can have the apt on a Friday and be reasonably sedate all weekend and have a follow up the next week. The tricky point to Jan is events plus Andre’s wedding but it will work out I’m sure.

Yesterday I put my last piece of info in the mail for my MBA application. I got it all in early enough to save the $65 application fee so that was nice. Hopefully I get in – my GMAT score was not what I hoped for but the ‘new’ testing system is probably bringing the average scores down. The test is no longer x number of questions that you get right or wrong that are compared to a pool of test takers – now it is a test that if you get one wrong it drops you down to an easier level and you can NEVER get back to the higher level so your score is prematurely lowered. This particularly sucks with my test taking method of identify the problems I’m good at and the ones I don’t want to waste time on so I skip them in order to focus more on the middle ones that I get but I need more time to do. The test gives you about 45 seconds per problem so I needed to work with that factor as well as crazy grading. Anyway, I scored perfect on the writing section so that can tell them something even though it isn’t counted into the base score. I’m sure it will be fine but I don’t like not scoring well.

Last, tonight we are expecting our first snow, lets see how that goes.

Eyes and Pills

Mood: busy
Weather: gray and cool
Gas: $2.18ish

Lars is at the eye doctor seeing if he is eligible for laser eye surgery. If he is we are doing it first thing in the new year on flex. I’ll miss his cute glasses that make him look smart but I will not miss keeping track of the glasses while he fights.

In other news I have sadly broken my almost 4 year record of not taking any antibiotics. I was coughing up chunks and globs of disgusting things that were half choking me so before I hit full pneumonia I got something to kill that gack. The gack isn’t giving up easily but the super pills should win in the end.

I just ate year old cake

Mood: good
Weather: foggy but nice temp
Gas: $2.12

Normally, year old food is bad but we just ate the top layer of our wedding cake that is 1 year old today. It was ok, about the same as at the wedding but the icing didn’t stay very smooth. Originally we were going to go to a nice B&B or something but since I am sick and Lars has a cold we hung out at home, did a little shopping, went out for an awesome sushi dinner and played a new game while eating wedding cake. Now at 10pm, having been awake a whole 12 hours I’m sleepy again and I’m going to watch West Wing and go to bed.

Afternoon observation

The day after Halloween candy picking are very good at my work. I have much sugar to choose from…

Friend Service Announcement.

You know who you are… Do not, under any circumstances, in any universe, even when very drunk sleep with the ‘office slut’. You will be looked down on by everyone because everyone will know and they will think you are desperate and easy so just don’t do it.
**I don’t know this from personal experience, don’t worry mom and dad**