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Update 10/19

Mood: ok
Weather: crisp and bright
Gas: $2.25

Posting for some reason is hard now. I don’t know why, things at work are on an easy schedule, I have time, but not too much interesting to say. So far being princess has yielded some interesting e-mail but not too much. Lars and I have discussed the majority of the details and now it is all about doing it. I have a short project list, I would like to stock pile some scroll blanks, I need to make retainer favors, and I should probably look into making some new garb.

The party over the weekend was a success. We had about 30 people come through and we had tons of leftovers. I managed to clean the entire house top to bottom in 8 hours so I now know it is possible. Everyone seemed to have a good time and I need to write some thank you cards but it wrapped up nicely around 11:30 and we were all cleaned up by 12. Sunday we were vegetables just because we knew it would be busy for the next 12 months and the house was clean so we did practically nothing except visit our neighbor and her brand new baby.

I am taking the GMAT in a little over a week, hopefully St Thomas will like my score. I am studying some but I took a practice test and scored well above what they want for a min so I’m not overly worried. I’ll take another practice test this weekend just to see if the tips and reviewing I’ve gotten from the book worked. I’m not looking forward to paying lots for classes but work will pay for 5k a year so I only have to pay around 2k if I take 4 classes a year (not including books and travel etc).

This weekend we are doing our first court, hopefully it will be successful and short and I don’t see any reason why it won’t be.

That’s about it for now~

Mood: good Weather: sunny and cool Gas: $2.59 Bac…

Mood: good
Weather: sunny and cool
Gas: $2.59

Back to work today. So far not big changes with SCA but I am sure things will start rolling in soon. At the moment, I need to get the house in order for our party this weekend. We also got the first frost so I can plant my tulips today. I’m going to be pretty busy trying to get everything done but I think it is doable. Today I hope to plant bulbs, do my exercises, and then go to our chamberlains house to start planning the reign. Tomorrow is major pre-cleaning and hopefully I can hang the pictures. I also have to fit in returning a pair of shoes, making a bunch of desserts, grocery shopping, and studying for the GMAT.

We Won Crown

Mood: tired
Weather: crisp
Gas: $2.54 here 2.75 in SD

We just got home, crown was 7 hours away.

I was a great win, Lars was 100% undefeated and it was a very clean list. For the final round Hroder would have had to win 2 best of 3 bouts. Lars choose sword and shield first and won the first round (junior of the pair) and Hroder could have chosen any wacky form for second but he said that he would also choose sword and shield because if he couldn’t win against that he didn’t deserve the throne. So, after that, Lars said that he yielded his ‘second’ win and if Hroder defeated him in the next two bouts he would be the winner. Then Lars killed him and the crowed and everyone were super impressed. We were immediately crowned so we don’t have great pictures but I’m sure someone got some. The rest of the day rushed by and it is kind of a blur except now we aren’t allowed to go to the bathroom alone or hold anything.

It is going to be a fun 12 months and it includes being war King and Queen.

Dirty Balls

I don’t discuss work because although fun for me not fun to talk about plus I don’t want to get Dooced. Anyway, in 5 min I need to address a group of colleges and with a straight face say that the 7 cases of rejected material were found to have dirty and sticky balls.

I seem to have caught apathy

Mood: nothing in paticular
Weather: fall – clear and cool
Gas: $2.63

I’m packed and ready to go to crown, all we need to do is put everything in the car. In the past I have been excited and stressed and I ran around like crazy getting stuff ready and I was keyed up all weekend. This time I have been completely apathetic. It is weird, the stress is gone but so is the excitement. I was packing last night and didn’t remember putting my shoes in the bag and I eventually checked but I more or less thought, ‘who cares, if Lars wins someone will lend me shoes’. I still really do want to do crown but I’m just not going to get too excited either way until it happens. I know I have posted about practically nothing but crown so it may seem like I’m obsessing but for real, I am very amazed at the weird non feeling I have about it.

In other news, it is sweater weather and my white angora sweater is shedding all over my black office chair. I am also completely alone in my area today, all the guys I sit near are out today. Hopefully nobody will notice when I leave at 3 but I have an 8 hour drive tonight.

2000 frequent flyer miles later

Mood: good
Weather: snowing in ND (not here, just 10 inches of rain)
Gas: $2.75

Back in the swing of things here. I had a great time in NY, we did a baby shower for my sister, visited the grandparents, went apple/pumpkin picking and got nails done with my highschool friend. Dropped by another friends new house to see it and it has alot of potential but I’m glad to see the husband is handy because the house needs lots of love. The main event of the weekend was the pig party, my dad roasted a whole pig over a fire pit and we ate soooo much food and saw tons of people it was alot of fun. Going back to MN is always hard because so many of the people we like and the places we know are on the east coast but we have plenty of friends here too. I have a list of things to be glad about in MN; practically no traffic, clean everything, lots of house for our money, nice neighbors, and a good group of friends.

Crown is this coming weekend and I have not given it more then a passing thought. I actually forgot for a while what weekend it was. I’m making my tokens and they are pretty cheesier but it is hand braided chord with a bead so not the most cheesier thing in the world. I have 6 done and hope to get an even dozen by Friday. I just hope it is a good day with no excessiveness.