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House Keeping

Mood: good
Weather: night
Gas: $2.75

House keeping is referring to the blog not the pig sty I am living in (don’t worry mom). I noticed that some moron company spammed my comments so I have added a new encryption thing. When a real person wants to post they have to type the random wavy word that appears – this will keep the fake automatic comments out. Blogger may have it’s drawbacks but that is a nice feature they just added.

I have also added a gas price line to my top template. This gas price will be based the two gas stations I pass in the morning and is in no way scientific. Today they hiked the price but I heard that mid winter it is supposed to come down drastically again, one can only hope. I seriously dislike thinking about all the cool or nice things I could do with $40 rather then dump it in the car. SUV is in need of new tires, maybe some place will be having a labor day sale or something…

Ironic note – I spell check using blogger when I’m not at work and Blogger’s spell check does not recognize; blogger, blog, or spammed


Mood: full
Weather: sunny and 70s

yum yum yum – bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwich! I eat oatmeal every day at work but our company has a great cafe that has good prices because it is subsidized by the company. I made a deal with myself that every time I finish a box of oatmeal I get a breakfast sandwich. Tomorrow – another 20 days of oats and water.

Another one bites the dust

Mood: exercised
Weather: fall like but warm enough to run in a tank top and show off my awesome arm muscles

Jingles has killed another mouse, I think this makes 10. Should we get her a cake? Mouse burial is no longer too big a deal – grocery bag burial for one immediately deposited in the outside trash. I and also being thrifty with the scooping, I now select a piece of junk mail to do the heavy lifting for me – most useful thing I’ve ever done with junk mail.

I just ran a bunch – JC made fun of the fact that there were cobwebbs on the eliptical machine but if it is still nice enough to run outside I’m going to!

I built shelves

Mood: Mondayish
Weather: sunny

Technically, the building part has been done since the end of July but I had to cut the adjustable shelves and all the face trim. I cut and nailed all day Sat and by 9pm I had done as much as I could do and I needed more wood. Sunday morning I got the last pieces of wood and bought stain – finished the cutting and nailing and did 90% of the stain. I got a really bad splinter staining so I didn’t finish the last 4 floating shelves but the vast majority is stained. Today or tomorrow I’ll start the arduous task of polyurethane the whole thing and maybe this weekend they can be put up! Sometime in the future they will get inset lighting and crown molding but that needs to wait until after they are up.

I have also started carefully re-reading the Order of the Phoenix, even a second time it is a great book and easy to loose a couple of hours reading.

This coming week I don’t have any out of the ordinary plans but later in Sept I have a 2 day conference for work and at the end of the month I’ll be in NY for a family party.

Wife of the Year

I want to date this post 8/26 because that’s the real day that I won Wife of the Year

Yup, I claim the title. I don’t cook much, I keep the house clean but not perfect, and I tend to do laundry when Lars runs out of socks HOWEVER my selfless act of 8/26 grants me the title…

This all started with gas prices: Gas here is now consistently over 2.30. Lars and I used to trade cars every other day to keep mileage lower on the SUV because I worked an hour away. I’ve worked at my new job for 9 months and we never changed our system because it kept the ‘my car your car’ situation moot. Well, based on gas, we decided I would drive the SUV every day and he would drive the Saturn – this decision was made last Monday. Thursday our power was out so we could not get into the garage and we parked in the driveway. Now here comes the good part; Thursday night it poured rain for hours and Lars had left the drivers side window open. Lars had an early meeting so he was leaving as I was brushing teeth, and he comes in all sad puppy face asking what to do when the seat is all wet…. Here is where I get the award for best wife – I told him to take the SUV, I would take the soaking wet car seat. So I sat on a towel and wore a raincoat and it wasn’t so bad but I’m only in the car for 15min and his commute is 30 on a clear day. That is why I am now Wife of the Year (at least to Lars).

High Fructose corn syrup

Mood: good
Weather: cool and sunny

I’m blogging about food – be warned.

Two or three months ago Lars decided to cut out high fructose corn syrup based on something a nutritionist friend talked about. So soda was the first to go and I more or less joined in on the kick. Over the last few months we have checked a few items and purchased a few different brands but we never went hard core. Yesterday was our big grocery shopping for the month and I’m not joking, we actually read every label. The most surprising food item containing high fructose corn syrup – BREADCRUMBS!!! I knew about ketchup, I figured that salad dressing might cause an issue (only Newman’s doesn’t have it) but I never ever thought breadcrumbs would have it. The stuff is in just about everything but our house is now fairly high fructuous free~