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Search Follow-up

know, I either don’t post or I post two in a row… I just checked my stats and there were a few things I need to give input on.

I get the most searches finding me by ‘monkey curtains’ – I made them myself, I bought the end of the bolt of discontinued monkey toile but if you want directions on curtains let me know

I also get a scary amount of searches finding me by ‘sick cat’ or ‘sick kitty’ – my cat likes to eat bad things and it gets stuck in their stomachs/intestines blocking the way for normal food to pass. Step one, force feed the cat keopectate – available in any pet store usually sold as hairball medicine. Anyway it is in a tube and the primary ingredients are Petroleum and Malt. The thing that solved my cats most recent problem was undoing the string that was under his tongue (and had been there for days creating the problem) – once it was unhooked it took two days for it to come out the other end but if it hadn’t come out after 2 days he would have needed surgery. **I’m not giving professional vet advice just passing on info that helped me** I also fed the cat tuna mixed with pedialite, that usually stayed down and hydrated him. Bottom line, when you cat acts sick get him checked out because they probably are sick, and if you sew, check for the string under the tongue.

Last – I get a bunch of searches for ‘planting raspberry bushes’ or ‘planting pine trees’ – for the record, both are still alive and the raspberry bush has lots of leaves but I don’t suggest my method so if you find my site from that the entry is humorous but not really a good guide for tree planting. Check out of for real info.

I also think it is fun to see all the countries that search and find me – Hi to all

Is it Monday or Tuesday?

Weather: sunny!

yesterday felt so like Sunday that today should be Monday, but fortunately it is Tuesday so closer to another weekend. I have tons to do at work but it is back to a pretty even pace so lunch today I got to catch up on all the people I read and have a little time leftover to post. Today it is actually going to hit 80 degrees out and it isn’t raining so I might be able to power wash stuff (still have to call home depot for details on that). I did not get very far on my window boxes, purchased supplies and thats about it. I am hoping my neighbor will let me use his table saw to cut all my pieces of wood because a circular saw is not making very straight lines.

Comments for people who read;

Gone South – congratulations on your baby bird!
8K – where are you???
Dad – can you mail the wedding albums back to me? I keep forgetting to ask when I call – Lars’ parents will be here in late June and will want to see them.


Mood: fine
Weather: actually stopped raining!

Yesterday Lars went to an event and I stayed home since it was primarily a fighting event, it was drizzly, and I’m still not in the mood to talk about crown politely in public. So I did more plans for my windowboxes, I have the plans pretty set now, and I unpacked all the remaining boxes in the lower level. I also did 4 loads of laundry and put away everything except socks and underwear because I still have to fold them. It was a nice quiet day, I wish I got more done but I got more done then if I had gone to the event.

Today was a good friends little girls birthday party. We have a string of friends kids birthday parties in the summer, hopefully when we have kids they will come to our parties. By then all their kids will be older but I’m sure it will work out. Anyway, there was a pony ride referred to as ‘the surprise’ because if it rained it would be canceled and it was easier for it to be a surprise then not happen and be a disappointment. It almost didn’t happen anyway because the horse girl got lost and was an hour late but the kids love it and I got a ride too. The pony didn’t mind at all, I guess her weight limit is pretty high. The Mom of the day rode too but no other adults. Another friend with an 8 month old put the baby on the horse and all she wanted to do was eat the saddle and they walked around a little circle. After the party we went to IKEA to buy 2 more chairs and a patio table, it was fairly easy until we saw the table didn’t fit in the truck so we had to tie the gate down. Having the back gate open all the way home is really loud but we made it fine. We will hopefully powerwash and repaint the deck next weekend and be able to use it a bunch this year.

week in review

Mood: good
Weather: raining, still, and might forever

So Dad wonders where I have been… I haven’t posted in a week. The biggest reason that I haven’t posted is that I have had lunch meetings or gone out to lunch almost every day and that’s when I usually post. I’m actually meeting Lars for lunch today so this one will be relatively short.

Last weekend was busy, Sat morning early I went to help a friend move and it was alternating raining or super hot/sunny so it was an interesting move but went very quickly and on schedule. I had to leave to get to a friends kids birthday party and I when I left only left a few things were still in the truck and she had 4 other people. So the birthday party was at a farm that had tons of animals including peacocks (that displayed for us) and llamas and highland cattle. They also had baby goats and sheep and bunnies and kittens so it was a hit with the kids and I had fun too. The party part was sorta lame, the mom that was in charge is not party planning savvy but in the end there was cake and presents and we left and went to lunch **note to party planning moms, if you plan you party 45 min from civilization to start at 1 and end at 3 people may want food… to avoid feeding people have the party start at 3!**

Sunday I was looking forward to going to the flea market in Hinckley and it ended up being really small and full of dollar store junk, not worth the time. We went to the casino down the road and I won 115 dollars at the first slot machine I tried in the first 5min I was there. Lars wanted to play Texas Poker so he was going to stay a few hours so I cashed in my money, played about $20 on misc fun looking slots for about an hour and went to the car to read my book. It was a decent book and I finished it and went in to find Lars who was up about $30 total and we went home. Decently fun afternoon but I’m still in need of patio furniture.

Over the week I got asked to do a few important projects, plus my normal work, I ended up really busy. On Tuesday I went to the Kholes 30-70% off sale with a friend and we shopped until 9 at night (went at 5) I was getting light headed by the end, all the shopping and no eating 🙂 Wednesday was clogging, I missed last week because of work but we were learning a new song so I caught up pretty quickly. Our class is an odd mix of real beginners and people who must be retaking the class because they know more then normal, and absolute experts because their class is after ours so they jump in on the songs they like but they don’t do just the basic steps, they do all sorts of fancy extra stuff that gets confusing to watch. I just signed up for the second 10 half where the same group just keeps going with beginners 2 and next fall we all graduate to the advanced class.

Yesterday Lars and I shopped for another kids party this weekend and looked at the flowers and supplies at home depot, I hope to build my flower boxes this weekend.

Other then that, it has been an uneventful week.

Tired Tuesday

Mood: tired
Weather: rainy – will be all week

Two days into our training week and I am learning alot about our product but it sure is tiring. I was here at 6 am this morning and I didn’t leave yesterday until 8. It is only one week so it should not be a problem. I am behind again in cleaning since the weekend and not having a normal schedule but hopefully tonight I can catch up, I don’t know how Lars creates so much laundry~ crow*n is still on our minds, wondering if it is worth doing next time or not.
This weekend I am helping a friend move and if it is a nice weekend I want to see about renting a power washer to wash the deck so it can be painted. Next weekend I want to hit the flea market (just opened in May) to see if I can find any decent patio furniture. We just got a BBQ so soon we will be set.

Not the princess

Mood: fine
Weather: getting sunny again

First things first, Mr Pink is 100% better. The string has come out the other end and he is acting his normal self.

Second, Crown, bottom line is Lars did not win. I have strong feelings about the the person who won but since this is a public site I won’t talk much about my feelings on that. The day was very hard, my stomach was in knots for alot of it but Lars was the most chivalrous there. He gave point to many of the fighters and that impressed the crowd and crown.

Other then right after, we are both fine with the outcome, we had a great steak dinner offsite with a bunch of friends. We spent the night to relax and got home noon the next day. We found a kid yesterday that for $25 mowed and edged our entire yard and is willing to do it all summer. I talked to lots of people on the phone all were complementary about Lars and said that there is always next time and that is true.