Archive | April 20, 2005

Your Standard Wednesday

Mood: ready for lunch
Weather: cooled down some, back in the 60’s

Yesterday Lars and I went out to dinner at Adventures and ended up sitting next to a ton of people from work. I didn’t know any of them but they were wearing company T-shirts and I spent half the meal trying to not be noticed just in case someone did know me. In anycase, it was a very nice night out just the two of us. When I got home I intended to clean but that didn’t happen (we did the dishes but that doesn’t really count). Today I MUST start cleaning so Bev sees a nice house. The house isn’t really all that messy but it is just three times the size of the apt so a general vacuum, bathroom clean, dust, tidy takes 3 days. I am very glad we have a half day on Friday so I can do the final clean before Bevie gets in late that night.

Thursday we are having dinner with my new supervisor, he seems lonely having moved from Wisconsin just for the job and not having any family. He is a laid back guy and it should be fun.

I just finished a book ‘I love you like a tomato’ and it was oddly good. It is the story of an Italian Mom and her two kids who emigrate to MN after WWII to meet the husband (American soldier) and the family totally rejects them and the son is dead so they are on their own. The daughter is the main character and it is a good look at emigrant life in the era. The only thing I don’t like is the abrupt end. They just stop telling the story. I think there is a sequel but I’m not sure.