Archive | April 8, 2005

Very social week

Mood: good
Weather: super nice, 70’s and sunny

I should just say I’ll do weekly updates~ I just have not had anytime over the past week to even read other blogs so this lunch time I am catching up. Since the tree incident;

1. We got a new roof, we choose a dark color with blue tones to it so it looks very nice on the light blue house. They were very quick, Lars said that he was woken up by feet, hammering, and yelling in a foreign language. They were 100% done with the roof by 6 pm. The next day our gutters were removed but we don’t have those up yet… Probably Monday, that must take more skilled labor then the crew of Mexicans.

2. Tuesday we had our realtor, who is also a friend, over for dinner and she loved what we have done so far and we had fun catching up and playing games. We didn’t end up going in the hot tub (finally with PERFECT pH etc) because Lars pulled a hamstring and was on cold compress only but we will do it next time.

3. Wednesday I ended up going to the SCA meeting to drop off stuff for Lars thus missing my dance class – they kids will be ahead of me again. I also got a scroll assignment so I rushed home to start that (due this weekend) – nothing like no notice on a piece of art. I did the calligraphy first this time and it looks pretty good, having a new pen really helps.

4. Thursday we were invited to 3 different things and ended up going to a work friends of Lars’ who we have been trying to get together with for about a month. I missed a pampered chief party and a Tastefully Simple party, ironic how they fell all on the same night.

5. Tonight we are driving to Minot for an event so I had to pack at 11 last night and I think I’ll be finishing my scroll Sat morning because we are leaving as soon as I get home.

Work, on top of all those other activities, has been extra busy and I’ve worked through lunch a few times this week in order to leave ontime! Next week nothing planned other then an event on the weekend so I can maybe have time to clean the house and exercise on my preferred schedule again… Maybe even call my parents who I haven’t spoken to in over a week.

Fun to be busy 🙂