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Mood: have a cold
Weather: cold again! Not fair!

We got Bev no problem and we are having a fun girl day. Lars left at 6am to go to an event and will be home pretty late. So far Bev and I had a great breakfast, went to the gardens/zoo, ate lunch, and checked out a few thrift stores. We have a few things to do this afternoon/night but we both needed a rest (stayed up til 1am). I also have a cold that only really hits me when I try to sleep so it is just an annoyance. I’ll attempt to write later but probably won’t get to it til Tuesday as we are in our new building on Monday and I’ll be unpacking and busy.

Your Standard Wednesday

Mood: ready for lunch
Weather: cooled down some, back in the 60’s

Yesterday Lars and I went out to dinner at Adventures and ended up sitting next to a ton of people from work. I didn’t know any of them but they were wearing company T-shirts and I spent half the meal trying to not be noticed just in case someone did know me. In anycase, it was a very nice night out just the two of us. When I got home I intended to clean but that didn’t happen (we did the dishes but that doesn’t really count). Today I MUST start cleaning so Bev sees a nice house. The house isn’t really all that messy but it is just three times the size of the apt so a general vacuum, bathroom clean, dust, tidy takes 3 days. I am very glad we have a half day on Friday so I can do the final clean before Bevie gets in late that night.

Thursday we are having dinner with my new supervisor, he seems lonely having moved from Wisconsin just for the job and not having any family. He is a laid back guy and it should be fun.

I just finished a book ‘I love you like a tomato’ and it was oddly good. It is the story of an Italian Mom and her two kids who emigrate to MN after WWII to meet the husband (American soldier) and the family totally rejects them and the son is dead so they are on their own. The daughter is the main character and it is a good look at emigrant life in the era. The only thing I don’t like is the abrupt end. They just stop telling the story. I think there is a sequel but I’m not sure.

Prank caller

Forgot to mention that someone called me at 3:45am on my cell phone. Lars heard it and woke me up and I wanted to ignore it but then I’m thinking of all the people that I know that have my cell number that must have a very very good reason to call at 3:45am so I got up. Nope, it was some wrong number who had the audacity to act mad when I called at 4am. I kept myself awake for a while plotting revenge and figured that I should just let it go. Then She AGAIN called at 7am so I called her back at 7:45 and yelled at her and in the end she finally said she was sorry but it took awhile.


Mood: pretty good
Weather: very nice now but big storm this morning

So, it has been a few days. I totally mean to blog over the weekend but I think the fueng shehi is off in the computer room because I don’t like spending alot of time down there. Anyway, I had a very exciting Friday. I sit very close to the super secret area of the motorcycle development portion of the company but it is basically a shop and not very interesting (to me at least). Anyway, our company just finished building a research and development facility and we are all moving there and on Friday the guys had to have the shop 100% broken down and ready to move – they have been working on this for over 3 weeks – and around 11 I started smelling bleach. I figured they were cleaning and I was being wimpy. Then my eyes started to burn and people a few rows away started to notice. Long story short, they mixed drano and bleach and were gassing us all – good thing we had windows open anyway. So we were evacuated at noon (only 1 hour of loosing brain cells)and I worked from home then did house stuff.

On Sat we went to a nice local event, only 25 min away. It rained all day and Lars and all the guys still fought outside but they had lots of fun. I chilled with Karen and a bunch of SCA people and had a nice social day.

Sunday we took a trip to a friends house to help us redo some garb of Lars’ because he lifts too many weights.

The ‘highlight’ of the weekend was dog sitting for our neighbors. Their 2 goldens are actually well behaved but one of them has a bad dermititus (getting shots already dad). They are attention hungry and freeked out the cats and made lots of muddy foot prints all over. We had to keep them in the yard most of the time because the cat hid in the crawl space but all in all it was ok.

Yesterday I had an orientation in the new building and it is very cool but I wasted most of the day touring so I didn’t even read a blog much less write in one! When I got home I went about scrubbing the floor and windows to remove all traces of dog. This Friday my friend from home is visiting so I need to clean a bit more… Anyway, thats the highlights.

Other duties as assigned

That phrase is always an office joke because it is tacked onto everyone’s job description as a catch all – more or less meaning that anything might end up being part of your job. Most of the time it is stupid stuff like organizing lunch for the group or running out to get something. Today my extra duty deserves a gold star. A supplier had an issue with production and didn’t ship parts so we ransacked the lead engineers desk and found 6, then we looked through the trash (metal scrap) to see if there were any salvageable ones. We ended up not finding any more but I’m amazed we found 6.

I wrote yesterday but blogger ate it

Weather:nice spring day

I really did write a post about the cool silent auction we had at work. I won two things; one was a great deal the other was sorta silly but fun and all for the low price of $10 total. Today I forgot my lunch so I’ll have to go out and I won’t have alot of time to read/blog. Quick update on my dance class, something actually clicked yesterday and I was doing pretty well – the 7 year olds are not all better then me!