Archive | March 22, 2005

Nothing rational comes to mind

Mood: fine
Weather: getting nicer

Wow, I didn’t mean to take that much time off. Yesterday I had my first apt at a new OBGYN and the last three places I’ve gone in MN were absolutely horrible. This one was great (as great as a yearly exam can be) and the ladies were all very very nice and so now I can think about having a kid and not fear going to the dr. As an added bonus, they also do the general practice stuff like physicals and minor colds etc so I don’t need to find yet another Dr.

I finished the last egg favor, with a whole 4 days to spare. I also made my bridesmaids dress fit me and I am 90% done with the curtains. I still want to add a stripe along the bottom and a valance but they function and make the room pleasantly dim even in full light. Lars really liked the monkeys too and he was pretty impressed at all the stuff I did while he was gone. I had a nice day on Sat at IKEA with my neighbor and picked up a few little things. We also went to see The Aviator – good movie, strange ending, and the whole time you sorta felt like they were leaving alot out. I’ll have to find his biography… Sorry for the strangely written post, I’m trying to do it between issues at work and today is a super busy day. Maybe more from me later.