Archive | March 18, 2005

Pot Luck success!

Mood: ok
Weather: clear and cold, not a flake of snow

I was looking forward to some snow… Take the morning at home until the roads were plowed but not one single flake, all the snow is to the south. Yesterday I did manage to fill the hot tub and make it turn on. There was about an hour when I couldn’t make the jets turn off, I left if for half an hour (according to the directions it will safety shut off after 30min) No dice. I went to the neighbors house to see if they remembered a trick or something they called the old owners (weren’t home) and I decided to just turn off the breaker. When I got back and tried one more time it just worked. Today I am taking the water to the hot tub store to have it tested and get a chemical lesson. Probably a good idea because I know acid and base etc but I don’t want to mix the wrong stuff together and make a hot vat of something gross.

I also took pictures of my roof but the address I sent them too is invalid so I have to try again tonight. I didn’t do any sewing, fabric buying, or favor making but I did a super good work out. If I get fabric while I’m out with the water I can get it done tonight. Tomorrow I am going to go get the hardware for the drapery in the bedroom so by Sunday I’ll be done (maybe).

Potluck – I assembled my bag of pre-made meatballs and a jar of pre-made sauce; mixed A with B in a crock pot and they were gone by 12:10. Overall there was lots of food, most of it tasty, only one thing was scary and this afternoon we are supposed to be packing/purging for our move to the new location. Since I have next to no stuff I don’t need to purge and I’m not moving for 3 weeks so no need to pack so I have some time but nothing more to chat about so I’ll go work.