Archive | March 14, 2005

quick quick

Mood: sorta blah mondayish
Weather: clear and cold

Not alot of time to post, this weekend was busy. I’m getting roofing quotes to redo the roof and I expected them to be around 2000 and they are more around 5000 and the guys I meet with don’t believe I know anything about roofing but I read a bunch and I can compare them to eachother and so far they all suck.

I’ve become a reasonable fan of Galhad on FitTV he has a good 20min workout that is circuit training. I haven’t seen a specific abdominal workout yet but his shoulders, legs and butt workouts are good.

I cleaned the majority of the house and it looks pretty good. I was looking for curtains for the bedroom at Jo-Anns and was totally uninspired but at Target I got awesome light yellow full length drapes on clearance for $5 each. The wired thing (and probably why they were on clearance) the two I bought appeared identical according to the picture and the color was the same (clear package) but when I opened them they had different style rod pockets. They still work but you can see an extra seam on one and not the other… I think I will journey down to the super fabric warehouse and see what I can get, we really need drapes because our bedroom is like a Florida beach every morning at 6 am.