Archive | March 7, 2005

Smells funny

Mood: good
Weather: cold again but yesterday was 65 degrees

Someone burned something in a test area so the whole building has a smell today.

Yesterday was beautiful, we went for a walk and discovered a whole section of the neighborhood we didn’t know existed. It is fun to see the gorgeous houses (million dollars at least) right next to a wreck of a shack or a house that is about 500 square feet. This area used to be lake houses just for vacations and some have been redone and others just got insulation. I’m sure over time they all will be bought for the land and rebuilt since it is on a nice lake.

Two house milestones;
1. I hung all our existing art and there are no more boxes or random junk in the livingroom. It actually looks really good. I need to be on the lookout for a love seat or chair or something because we only have seating for 3.
2. I set up the guest room. It is only an airmattress but it has a feather bed on top and the room is basically set for visitors now (so long as they don’t need closet space because that is still full of garb).

last, in case anyone wondered, the baby I was supposed to sit for ended up not coming and they called kinda late so I just did home stuff rather then go out.