Archive | March 6, 2005

slow sunday

Mood: good
Weather: sunny and I don’t know how cold

I ended up not doing much of anything yesterday. I cleaned a little, hung a bunch of art so now the living room looks much better, and I watched 8 episodes of project runway while making Heather’s wedding favors. I am 100% done with 25% if that makes any sence… I half did (filled with candy, wrapped in 1 layer of tulle) all of them, then I put the second layer of tulle and the ribbon on 25%.

Josh and his girlfriend and we went out to dinner and we arrived 2 min after the place closed! Imagine a decent Italian restaurant closed at 9 pm on a Sat night… This is the Midwest. We went to another place we like and waited 8 or 9 min to be seated, not that there was a wait or a crowd, there just wasn’t a hostess and the waitstaff was ignoring us. We started standing right in the way so they had to see us and finally Lars flagged one down and asked if we could sit. By the end of the meal we had all 4 waitresses buzzing around us trying to make us leave, if they didn’t have such good food they would be docked a star for service quality.

Today I may or may not be babysitting my friend with a broken arms baby, they have changed the plan soooo many times I don’t know anymore but I’ll just stick around the house until 1 (when I was supposed to be done in all the plans) and then we need to desperately grocery shop and I think we need a trip to wally world 😉