Archive | March 3, 2005

Talked my way into a Tivo

Mood: Ok
Weather: cold

So last month I tried to do this but I ended up getting disconnected and not calling back. I called Qwuest again and super nicely implied that my order must have been lost or something. They said it was no problem to give me the current promotion now so I’m getting a TiVo from the phone company for $45.

I wish I had it today though because I’m going to miss all the Thursday shows I like tonight. Lars needs to pants shop, we want to check out elliptical machines, and we need to grocery shop – Simon’s delivers has been found unworthy for the moment because they don’t have all the brands we like. Anyway, we also need to get a tux measurement for a friends wedding, they gave us the info on Monday and it needs to be done by the 11th so no room for procrastination.

I met with a Japanese vendor today and he was very nice but the entire time I kept wondering if I was offending him or saying something I didn’t mean. He spoke English pretty well but I got the feeling that if he didn’t understand he would just say ‘ok’. He gave me a 5% price reduction so that was cool but by the end of the meeting my head hurt. I have 3 vendor meetings today, 2 down, 1 to go…