Archive | January 31, 2005

Another day another search for an ugly T-Shirt

Mood: busy

Weather: snowed this morning but over 30 now

This would get dull if all I talked about was work but it is actually fairly entertaining to be here. Lots going on and I sit in the middle of a few interesting people. In addition to quite guy 1 to 4 I have a new loud guy who comes and goes very randomly but is fun when he is around. There is a little office ‘joke’ that is going around that when you leave your computer, before your screen saver comes on, someone will go into the preferences and change the screen saver to the scrolling message and make it scroll something silly like ‘I don’t work’ or ‘I smell’. I have been pretty good at avoiding them so far….

Tomorrow there is a conference I’m going to and there was a shirt ordered for me. I spent a fair amount of time looking for it and by all accounts it is pretty ugly. I saw someone’s and it is red with a checkered collar~ not the height of fashion. I officially took over my commodities today, I have 30% of all parts but they aren’t high dollar so they are a bit neglected. I’ll be super busy for a good long time now….