Archive | January 25, 2005

One thing I miss about Turtle

Ice. for my coffee…. I don’t like ice in drinks because it bumps my teeth and makes them too cold so I endlessly have to order soda and water without ice but ice is great in coffee. My tongue is a tiny bit burned, sorta that prickly feeling, because coffee here is too hot.

Killing time

Mood: fine

Weather: very very nice

I’m at work in an apparent lull. I know any second something will happen, that seems to be the way here. I ended up staying an extra hour yesterday and I was beat when I got home. I did get to do my 20min Pilates so I had more energy after. Konrad was using the livingroom so I did the pilates on my bed, I kinda wonder if that makes it a harder or easier work out. I tried to make Lars an under tunic and it didn’t work very well at all, I need to redo it today. I’m not sure what went wrong but it doesn’t fit at all.

Today our boss took everyone out to lunch so that was fun. Tomorrow I have offsite training so I get to leave about 12:30. At some point I need to find time to get tickets to Konrad and Heathers wedding and I need to check on my dress and the flooring… Sorry, I’m now using the blog to make lists for myself. Well only 5 people read it anyway :). Tonight I’m going to a tastefully simple show, hopefully it will be fun, I’m going to try and drag my friend Ka along.