Archive | January 23, 2005

We aren’t special

It snowed all over the east coast too. This is the most it has snowed here since we moved but I really don’t mind not having to shovel so much every year.

Big News – the closet is done! I need to move the tools but it is all complete. I am currently doing the laundry so things can actually go away. Not bad for one month…

I got most of a Houpe done yesterday and J finished her very first SCA dress. It only has slight issues but will look just fine. The event is next weekend so I need to get going on Lars’ so I can maybe do one for me. The problem with his, as always, is the arm. They need to be fitted but he keeps lifting weights so his arms keep getting bigger and bigger. Constructing garb isn’t so bad, ripping apart and reconstruction is no fun and that’s what I have to do…. Oh well, I think it will look awesome when it’s done.