Archive | January 21, 2005

Field trip in the snow

Mood: working from home 🙂

Weather: snowing, 4 inches on the ground and more in the sky

Today the world minorly blew up at work and we had to get a little (heavy) box of parts from my facility to a vendor so they could set up for the weekend. In the end it was me, in my car, driving the box to hand deliver so a pleasant field trip. However, it is snowing. The way there was fine but coming back was a blizzard and I decided to stop at home (on the way) since I would probably take 45 min in the snow to get to work to leave about 25 min later so I’m at home, hooked up, and working. They have a great system for logging in from remote locations, basically idiot proof.

So from inside, the snow looks great. Nice, fluffy white snow all over everything. I suppose I should shovel or we might never leave the house again. I’m sure poor Lars is sitting in traffic trying to get home in the Saturn and I had the good snow car.

The 2 sad things about not going back to work when I planned on going is that

1. I left my bag there including my book 😦

2. I left my frozen lunch in a drawer so by Monday I should have a science project…