Archive | January 20, 2005

I think I love my job

Mood: good

Weather: snowed a few inches

After the obligatory boring yet stressful first day, less dull and more stress of learning the second day, a productive third day where I didn’t need to go to bed at 8pm and a really fun and full forth day I’m declaring this job a success. I’m not doing what I’m going to be doing in the long run but they need help on a big project so I’m pitching in and they trust me enough that I’m incharge totally of the day to day while they figure out what to do about the issue long term. I was so busy today (in a good way) that I didn’t even miss being able to mindlessly search the internet. I also enjoy the 25min back road commute and I listen to the morning traffic reports just to reinforce how good it is. The only threat of traffic would be getting stuck behind a tractor or something, maybe a cow crossing, but it’s a nice easy drive. My desk area is still pitifully small but the guys around me are cool. I would make up descriptive names for them but they would all be ‘quiet guy’ except for one, he is ‘loud guy’. They really all are just computer geek electrical engineers who stare at diagrams.

We now have another house guest so I should go clear out the room he is supposed to sleep in. It is full of garb so it’s an easy clear.