Archive | January 12, 2005

Congratulations to the New American

You know who you are! When you get sworn in I guarantee that you will probably be the most American looking person in the room (including sponsors)

I’m sending you a present that now that you passed the tests you can read because before it would have messed you up.

Morning update

Mood: very tired, don’t know why

Weather: gray and sloppy, 32 degrees but they say we are going to get 4 inches today and go to negative 20 on Friday.

I believe I forgot to mention that I decided to work hard (rather then slack off) to make sure my job can be done after I leave. I felt like my fingers were going to fall off I typed so many processes yesterday and I’m still not all done. I have someone coming in today so I can show her some of the more complicated reports and there was even a volunteer for one of the other functions I do.

We are having our first house guest! Lars’ best friend is coming out for almost 2 weeks, arriving this Friday. I hope he doesn’t mind the mess… Unpacking is slow going. We will soon have our second house guest – Another one of Lars’ friends from NJ is visiting and yes, the visits overlap. The second friend is a bit more fussy then the first so I do need to get the house in order before he gets here.

As I said in the top section, they are predicting some bad weather so if it’s crummy, I’m going home!

Driving miracle

Last night I drove home and did not hit one red light for all of route 5 (apx 15 lights) I just could not believe it. It took me 5 min to get to the highway when it usually takes about 15. I still ended up sitting in tons of ‘nasty weather’ traffic but it was a newsworthly drive.