Archive | January 11, 2005

Little Work Rant

Mood: flustered

Weather: snowy

Ok, I don’t mean to rant but my list is getting long here

1. car fire (not my car) on the way to work = delay of 45min

2. the guy who usually distributes the faxes off the server is off all week, I am the only person with access therefore I get demoted to distributing faxes

3. Our primary work system is down, and has been for an hour

4. The share file I need to fill in by noon today is being ‘used’ so I can’t update it *ironically* the guy occupying the file is the one who needs it for his 1pm meeting but there isn’t any data and won’t be til he gets out of my way (I have called and emailed him…)

5. Our long distance codes don’t work

6. My review and raise were due in Oct but didn’t get done til Jan, usually it isn’t too much of a problem because they will do back pay to make up what one should have been getting. HOWEVER as of Jan 1 they don’t do that anymore.

Thats it for now – thank goodness I’m only here for 2.7 more days