Archive | January 9, 2005

Report on Yesterday

Mood: waiting for my cell to charge so I can do errands

Weather: very gray

Since I am waiting for my cell phone to eat, here is what got done yesterday;

I could not make the gaps in the flooring go away so I took it apart and reassembled it being very careful to pound the ends together first, then hook the whole long length in. Please note, this is opposite to what the directions said to do but it looks alot better. There are still 2 noticeable gaps that I will try the stomp technique on and if that doesn’t work I’m getting an area rug. I think the diligent directions are to keep contractors in business. Anyway, I got a few more rows done and I’m am half way done now. I must make the closet work today, the piles of clothing are driving me crazy. I need to build a few bracers and put in shelving but it should not take too long…

The floor might be more done by now but Lars and I went out to get me World of Warcraft, a big online game that he has been playing. Something in the ‘can’t beat them, join them’ category because he loves the game and playing together makes spending time together easier. I made a fat little dwarf character, she is pretty cute and so far hasn’t died. We also got a head set and a memory stick for our new camera. I can now talk over the internet and take more then 10 pictures.

Today I need to hit the Jo-Anns one day basket sale, every basket 50% off… Hopefully the store isn’t mobbed and the basket I want is still there. I wish I remembered to plug the sill thing in yesterday!!! I must also do other errands including an experiment with the flex spending card – it has Lars’ name on it but I’m going to try and use it. Might work, might not~