Archive | January 8, 2005

Uploading house pictures

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Well I know I’m behind on wedding pictures and house pictures so I’m trying to link it up. If I can’t get a side bar link to work here is the direct link;

I’ll be adding to it but these are all pre painting pictures so the dark purple room is now light blue and is getting the flooring done, the brown room is now green and is our computer room, the kitchen/dining area is now light yellow… I’ll be adding more soon.

Comments are fixed and flooring is hard

I just reviewed my settings and found out that there was something messed up in the comment field. Now anyone can comment so feel free.

Flooring, I have done 4 rows and it tedious and the instructions were very non instructive. I’ve gotten better but I still have gaps at the ends of the boards. The ‘instructions’ say to tap lightly on the end, well that doesn’t work if there is a WALL in the way so some of them are not meeting well. Molly the realtor said you need to stomp on it and sorta kick at the floor so the spaces close up… Maybe I’ll try that tomorrow.

Update on project move the cabinet from work; Lars borrowed a friends big big truck and we hoisted the thing in using the pallet mover from work. When we got home it was way too heavy to move so we had to disassemble it a bunch to get it up the stairs. Now it is dominating our living room but everything fits into it just fine and it looks nice. We got our friend a tank of gas for the beast so the total price is now $90 but I know it is worth way more.

Some friends and Lars and I all went out to dinner to celebrate my new job so now I will go digest and read. Tomorrow I hope to do more flooring and maybe complete last weeks goal of making the closet usable.