Archive | January 5, 2005

An ode to boredom

I’m bored bored bored bored… Work is dull, weather is gray, I can’t leave, and it is too quiet for me to call anyone because some people actually are here. I have read every blog, talked to everyone I like on-line, did all the work I needed to do, did my nails (just filing, can’t do polish at work because of the smell), read the news, and now I am writing in the blog again.

Tonight I’m going to a local SCA meeting, I don’t normally go but a friend wants to join and I’m not going to send her alone. That is why I must wait here because the alternative is sitting in my car outside her apartment and it is atleast bright in here. I got a new free calendar today, it ironically is all dull fish. I am serious, very dull monotone ugly fish – not a bright color in the bunch. I’m not putting it up~ hopefully I will not be here long enough to need 2005.

I am very glad this is a 3 day week, long days but only 3 of them. Oh, we have a plan to get the cabinet home. I’m still slightly mad it won’t fit in the car but Lars will borrow a friends truck after work (friend lives near us), he will drive here, we will load it, and I will follow him home. He will then appreciate the drive I make twice a day 😉

five to five o’clock – I believe I will sit and read my book. I’m on a new one called the Wings of Morning and so far is it good but very sad. It is about a Scottish island where a large percentage of the babies die within 8 days of being born so thats the sad part. I hope it gets better over time.

I am not a toothpick

Never have I been described as a toothpick. I am reasonably thin, more or less your average size 6 and I do my best to work out in order to be toned. Anyway, this seems to be an issue in the bridal industry. Not an issue for wedding dresses, I was more or less off the rack so I should count my blessings but my dear friend who has two larger then me bridesmaids choose a mother of the bride dress (rather then a bridesmaids dress) that does not come in my size… It comes in many sizes larger and thats good because you can’t make a dress bigger – I will now (since I verified that size 6 does not exist) make my dress smaller. I am in possession of a size 8 and it resembles a fancy sack so I will do my best. Oh, there are actually smaller sizes but all in petite sizes so midgets are allowed to be thin, tall people must be size 8 (and I’m talking a generous 8) or bigger.

I need to unpack the sewing machine….

Ps. I never thought there would be a day I would be too small for something

Good interview

Mood: happy

Weather: sorta sunny

My 9am interview went well in my opinion. The guy has a good plan for the purchasing department and he called me sharp and well informed. I take those as good signs. Anyway, it would be a good next step for me plus it is north by me so it will make my commute about 30min rather then an hour or more. They are also building a brand new facility that should be done in the spring that is only 10min or less from the house so that would be even better.

House news – nothing too new but the previous owners don’t want to pay for the half broken washer (floods on one of the cycles). Our realtor wants us to do small claims but I don’t think we need to be that mean. Also, the neighbor was good friends with them and is being very nice to us so I don’t want to mess that up. I have been slow on doing the floor but it is in my plan for Thursday evening. I have the hardest part done with the angle cuts for the bay window so the rest is just getting to do it.

I am excited over the job prospect, hopefully they pick me!