Archive | January 4, 2005

Good news on the job front

Mood: good but tired

Weather: sunny and cold

I just got a call from Polaris. They would like a final phone interview with myself and the VP of purchasing but the HR rep says that I am the front runner. Provided my background check is cool (and it was good enough to be a teacher last year) and I don’t mess up the final conversation they will likely offer the job. The weird thing is they keep asking for my current salary… I don’t want to lie but I really work for way less then industry standard. I also have a feeling that the job they are offering is alot more work and at a higher level (yeah!) so I would hope to be paid fairly. I don’t see why my current salary has anything to do with it.

fustration – the computer cabinet I ‘won’ (bid $50) is being a hassle. In the end it won’t fit in my suv, I’m an inch to small at the door opening. The inside demention is fine its just the door. The guys here won’t wiggle or force it so I need to go find a bigger truck. Maybe I can rent one for the day or Lars can rent one and come get it in the afternoon. It will work out somehow.