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Another day another search for an ugly T-Shirt

Mood: busy

Weather: snowed this morning but over 30 now

This would get dull if all I talked about was work but it is actually fairly entertaining to be here. Lots going on and I sit in the middle of a few interesting people. In addition to quite guy 1 to 4 I have a new loud guy who comes and goes very randomly but is fun when he is around. There is a little office ‘joke’ that is going around that when you leave your computer, before your screen saver comes on, someone will go into the preferences and change the screen saver to the scrolling message and make it scroll something silly like ‘I don’t work’ or ‘I smell’. I have been pretty good at avoiding them so far….

Tomorrow there is a conference I’m going to and there was a shirt ordered for me. I spent a fair amount of time looking for it and by all accounts it is pretty ugly. I saw someone’s and it is red with a checkered collar~ not the height of fashion. I officially took over my commodities today, I have 30% of all parts but they aren’t high dollar so they are a bit neglected. I’ll be super busy for a good long time now….

12th Night

Mood: feel like I’m hung over but I drank nothing but water and a diet coke

Weather: gray but in the 30’s I think

The yucky oatmeal was an omen! Lars and I went to a fairly big SCA event, around 200 people, and it was only 45 min away so that was nice. We managed to get lost because the directions were very weird, there were atleast 2 better ways to get there but in the end we got there perfectly on time. Jen got there in good order with her dress and I think she had a decent time. The SCA is really about hanging out and talking so once you get to know more people it’s more fun. At some point in the day I started getting a headache, I drank water, I ate lunch but I ended up with a migeraine. I continued to sit through dinner and helped clean up the hall and even went to the after party hoping that a diet coke might fix me up but in the end I just got the feeling I was going to throw up and it was exit stage left. We really did have a good time all day and it just would have been better if I didn’t have a throbbing head. Anyway, got home and lay in darkness and today I feel much better just strangely hung over…. I still intend on finishing the floor in the bedroom but I can’t say if it will happen.

Mean Yucky oatmeal

Mood: morning

Weather: gray

Why does perfectly normal Oatmeal rebel when put in the microwave. I eat it every day making it with hot water (not to instructions) and today I followed the instructions and it exploded in the microwave and tastes funny and has hot spots…. Mean yucky oatmeal

Friday at last

Mood: Tired

Weather: cold

It doesn’t feel like a Friday but I’m wearing jeans so it must be… Konrad left today at 5am so it was a weird sleeping night since Lars brought him to the airport and came back to sleep at 6 so I woke up a few extra times. It was fun having him around but now I get the good computer back 😉 Tomorrow is an event that I need to finish an outfit for Lars and pack and find various things that have been packed for a few months and this is the first time I have needed them.

Did I say the last pack of flooring arrived? It did and hopefully Sunday we will complete the floor and maybe start moving in! We would need to do the thresholds and put all the molding back so I’m not confident of finishing on Sunday but I’ll wait and see.

I have phone ear

Mood: full

Weather: ok I think, I don’t have a window, 2 degrees this morning

Today is as opposite of yesterday as possible. I have been busy either on the phone or making orders all day. I had to eat breakfast while on a conference call and I got asked a dozen work questions while at lunch. I have a vague lull now because I got the morning batch of work done and now I need to take stock of what needs to happen next.

Dinner last night was good and we watched Napoleon dynamite. It was a strange, sorta funny, mostly weird movie. I was amused but Lars hated it… I don’t know what the rest of the world sees in it because it is the #1 selling DVD at the moment.

Getting back on track

Mood: very good

Weather: something like 20 again

For the last few weeks I have ‘fell off the wagon’ of exercise. I actually have done Pilates a few times and run a few times but not enough times to make up for the massive amounts of food I seem to want. I have eaten a bunch of brownies, tons of snacks at the tastefully simple party (was fun and tasty) last night, candy left over from Christmas… I suppose that the fact that there is STILL leftover candy from Christmas is a good sign since it must mean I didn’t eat it all quickly, more a slow snacking habit. Anyway, tonight I managed to run a few miles in the snow so I think that counts as further – I ran on clean pavement for about 400 yards and felt like I was flying. Lars called and said he was bringing home sushi so I’m waiting for sushi and not eating cookies. I have also updated my friends wedding guest list and done some work (work laptop at home) so I’m more or less productive. Our last batch of flooring arrived today so there is a light at the end of the bedroom project!!!

Hello to my new reader… and to 8k and family, now 6 people read me 🙂 8K I add links to the blogs I read then I use those links to read them, that might be why it looks like so many people come from my site to yours.