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post inverview

Well I got up early, got all dressed, got to the interview almost an hour early so I read the paper and waited. I interviewed with 5 people (1 was on vacation) so only3 hours and it was informative and I think I did well. The bad news is that they already offered one of the positions, one is too technical for me, and one is more or less ‘below’ the level I want to be at (both salary and responsibility) so there is really only one job I could do. I am one of 2 they are considering for it so I suppose I have a 50/50 chance but I really don’t know. They want to get this position hired and started very quickly so hopefully I hear on Tuesday.

My goal for today is to unpack and organize more. Goals for the weekend include finishing the bedroom floor, painting the bedroom closet, and finish moving out (cleaning etc) of the old apartment.

I’m a little drained from the experience, keep fingers crossed for me.

Need good thoughts

Mood: Getting sleepy

Weather: 50 degrees… Hell must be rising

Ok, I fled from work at approximately 4:30pm and new boss (new to me, not the company, old boss has been at his new job since Tuesday) asks me questions every 30 min and is mildly upset that I work 4 10 hour days and I won’t be there tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the interview. I need positive thoughts coming my way. I need to impress 6 different people over 4 hours. The positive side to a 4 hour 6 person interview is that they can’t possibly have many so hopefully I’ve made the first cut. They also have 4 positions open so if I can’t get ONE of them I have issues. I will not be the be the last mouse on the sinking ship. Did I mention work is practically empty? They laid off soooo many people it is crazy but we all knew it was happening.

Well shout out to 8K , way to be. I read a few blogs, they are fun and I like the variety of it all. Someone I read fairly often tried to comment on the tsunami… I can’t really say much either, no way to envision that many dead people and I don’t want to think about it happening here. The irony in MN is that the story was sandwitched between the college women’s basketball team story and the wacko who shot 5 people a few weeks ago.

Extra statement on the weather, it really is 50 degrees here – record high. It hasn’t been that warm here since September and it is a little crazy. Last week was negative numbers, lets not question the weather.

I have finally begun the wedding picture scanning project, I have half of one book done so 1/6 done.

Ok, I need to go to bed so I don’t look like an old bag when I interview~

Bored at work

Mood: listless

Weather: foggy

So I’ve done alot today but I really want to leave. They laid off a ton of people yesterday so it is a tad empty here now. I did a bunch of little projects then started my own projects. Learned a bit about powertranes – the field I’m interviewing for – and reviewed the education standard for k-3 for a friend who was wondering about it. I also found 2 decent sources of matboard for my mom and picked a ton of pictures I like for the house (none really match) from My plan for art is to change it seasonally but I don’t know if that will work. For example, winter theme pictures are very stark and white and I like them but they will not make the room cheerful – I can look outside if I want snow. Technically there isn’t any snow at the moment but my point is valid.

Anyway, I seem to have become Ms. Answer for the group, everyone is asking me all sorts of questions including what toner goes in what machine. I have no clue~ I am also being asked about credit terms, vendor history, part conversion, high level accounting stuff, how to use messenger, how to add a printer to a machine and (this is my favorite) where the forklift is. How do you loose the forklift? And why would I know where it is? Look around people, it’s not in my 10×10 cube. I mostly make up intelligent sounding answers so that probably why people keep asking me stuff. Either that or the fact that I’m STILL here, there were 30 something people in this area 2 months ago – by next week there will only be 8, including temps.

Soooo, I am thinking of reasonable reasons to leave early. The weather is actually ok, rainy but above freezing so no ice. I could use the ‘it will freeze when it gets dark’ line… I want to start scanning wedding pictures into the computer and I can’t do that here. I think I’ll hang out for another hour, clear up any problems that come my way, and head out about 3:30 ish. We will see if that works.

I just ate week old popcorn

Mood: normal

Weather: frosty

To explain the title… We have a popcorn machine at work, a big one, and occasionally they make popcorn. Well my lunch today was unsatisfying and about 45 min ago I smell popcorn so I finish the invoice I was working and go on down. I went to the machine, got some, and was leaving when Leone (the lady who usually makes the popcorn) walked in so I said thanks etc for making the popcorn and she said she didn’t make it. So she looks at the machine and declared it was from last week and someone must have just made microwave popcorn. I tasted the week old stuff and it seemed fine so I ate it 🙂

I have to also note the frosty weather. It is actually pretty warm out, around 40, but the trees and bushes are all still below freezing and moisture in the air is freezing on the bushes and trees. It looks very cool like there is frosting on everything. I’m sure it won’t last long but I get a good view of a tree out my window (I’m at tree top height).

Job news, well, I’m scheduled for a 4 HOUR interview on Friday from 8am until noon. I better get this job! I think I’m meeting with half the company but at least I get a tour. It’s a snow mobile company and at the moment the site is 25 min away but they are moving in the next few months to the town directly north of me. I would love to have a 10 min commute – hey, I would love a half hour commute. The hour in the car can be use for books on tape or keeping up with the mundane trivia that DJs feel compelled to expound on but I think I can find something to do with that time!

Ok, books, I’m still plodding through ‘The beautiful Visit’ and it is interesting and dull at the same time. They ruthlessly killed off a character – it is WWI era and the main character fell instantly in love with a boy she knew when she was younger when he was home on leave. He really was a great character and they have a perfect little relationship in the 3 days he has leave and then he goes back to the front. This is basically the only interesting thing happening in about 100 pages so you expect some pineing and an eventual reunion – nope – she misses him and waits for a letter and gets one about a week later and so she basks in the glow for a couple days and writes him back only to casually flip though the paper and see that he is on the list of dead from a week ago. So he died the day he mailed the letter! Aside from being really sad it was pretty mean of the author to kill of the first good thing in 100 pages. Very rude. I read ‘A Farewell to Arms’ by Hemingway a few moths ago and it has the same sort of problem. Everything was fine then boom, kill of a few people and not make any big deal about it. I looked up the study guides to farewell to Arms and they claim Hemingway used rain as a device to show that bad things is absolutely random. I tend to agree but he really wrote a sad and unsatisfying book on the theme.

I’m also reading (and almost done) the Key books by Nora Roberts. They are shameless semi-romance books but they have an interesting mystical side. I do recommend these ones as an easy read so I won’t give plot spoiling details…

Ok, I must resolve more invoice issues before I can go home. I don’t understand why it is so hard to ship what is on an order and for receiving to check it in…

Hello Mom!

Mood: fine

Weather: dark

My title is for Mom who I hope can make blogger work for her. Today was run of the mill average for work. Lars stayed home yesterday to insure we actually got internet, phone and TV out of the liars at Quest. It took a while on the phone with customer service to make the internet actually work but now it does.

Good news for the job front. The interview seemed to go well. The company is looking for 4 buyers but I don’t fit the criteria for any of them perfectly – rather I have elements of all 4 but none dead on. Hopefully they like me and hire me and I can run away from here… They want a second interview for Friday – need to unpack the suit.

Check out the link, it is very funny even if slightly unseasonal. We still have our sad tree up and I’m going to leave it up for a while because I think it is sad when people rip down every shred of Christmas the day after it is done. Our block looks like a dead tree farm because they are all on the curb already.

Yesterday I stopped at the apt and took another load, only one good trip left and I still need to fill in holes and vacuum. Maybe Friday, Lars has off and we can do it together. I want to disassemble the fake fireplace I made and take it home so I can practice routering on it. I got a huge set from my parents for birthchristmas and I need to practice so I don’t mess up good wood. If all goes well I want to make a kitty condo out of the extra wood and carpet we ripped out of the bedroom. The flooring for the bedroom should be at the house today – tomorrow at the latest, it had a long drive from FL to get here.

ok, I’ve spent enough time at work today. Nobody really knows if I’m over here or not because I’m the last one on this side of the building (Phil is actually still employed here but on vacation). I just feel a little guilty leaving too early. Also, if I leave too early, I end up sitting in the worst of the traffic.

Finally, back from radio silence

Mood: pleasant

Weather: dawn, and it’s almost 10am

So, number one, Qwest lied and we did not get internet or phone on Friday. I feel like an addict with withdrawal after almost a week without internet access. Anyway, back at work and super busy but I need to post for my own mental health.

Update on goals… Since I had 2 extra days, bedroom is painted 100%, tape removed, carpet and carpet pad removed, and ready for flooring. Computer room is 99.99% painted (somehow missed a corner in the dark) and we have our desks arranged so once we get internet we are ready for business. LR/DR wall is done, furniture still isn’t in final locations but more or less ok. We spent alot of time unpacking, cleaning, arranging, and painting and it is looking alot like a house now. I’m missing one kitchen box that has the good knives and the dishdrainer and I have now clue where it could be.

Christmas was melo, we ended up with a fake tree because we waited too long to go looking for a real one. Note for next year, get tree 3 days or more before Christmas. It looks pretty anyway, we found all our ornaments and load enough pretty things onto an ugly $11 walmart tree and it equals out to ‘nice’. I think everyone liked our presents, Lars’ brothers family disappointed us yet again by opening their gifts as soon as they arrived about 2 weeks ago. Next year I’m mailing them late, this is the 2nd time this happened so I’m mailing on dec 26th next year. Lars liked what I got him and I liked what he got me 🙂 We found all the gifts that were packed and gave them all out in good order. Dinner was delicious, Jen made a great bird, we made potatoes and the trifle went over well.

We also met the neighbors over the last 4 days. They seem nice and friendly and we went over to play cards last night. Jury is out still but better then having mean or nasty people across the street.

Time to go acquire my bosses work- I’m not getting it all but a good chunk. I really hope my interview goes well tomorrow!!! I need a new job, closer to home, with an actual future.