Pennsic Tuesday 

hot hot hot but I got a nap and we found a babysitter! Once the sun went down a bit the play swords come out. 

Pictures of pennsic

Walkabout with the kids, they slept well last night.

I finally got to go out too and pennsic nightlife is just like I remember

Pic from pennsic

Did not die
Did not kill child(ren)
Tent etc up and we are at the playground

On our way

(Moms driving)

Tomorrow I leave, today I 

 pack. (Also spelled panic, same thing)

As I thumb type this because I packed my computer, I wait on one last load of laundry containing the shirt I wore today because I packed all my shirts.

Unfortunately I did not get everything packed due to the Fiona factor. Fill in the details, you’re probably right. I gave up and went to say goodbye to all the relatives and that was a far more fun and productive use of time because- Fiona (and the other two a bit) 

Last dinner was fantastic, I’m so lucky both my sisters cook so well. 

I’m going to miss sayville life but tomorrow starts the pennsic adventure. 

vacation with kids (and friends) ((and family))

Today I was told that I’m not providing enough reading material :)  To that I say;  sorry… (not sorry)

Over the past few weeks Miss Math has been around nearly as much as my biological sisters.  Silly her, she  insists on having a job in the summer when the entire point of being a teacher is summer off.  Good thing she gets paid to basically do her hobby so it is win-win for her, but I see just a bit less of her.  Tomorrow I’m going to do their family pictures and I’m totally not a professional, but I did them a few years ago right before the beloved family dog was put to sleep and I think that will always make me a top pick for them.

The morning adventure today was to meet a friend at the local beach.  We should have our names on a bench there by now since we go there so often but it is a handy place to meet.  Close to me, easy to find, beach and playground and not to big that you can’t find people.  I’ve met Miss Math there a few times and another HS friend and today a friend I actually met in 1st grade!  She and I went to school together all the way to Highschool but past elementary school we were in different groups, both reveling in the fact there were more than 10 other people to socialize with but there is something of a bond made when 11 kids are in the same class for 6 years.  She actually reads this blog and that’s how we got reacquainted – too bad the name Miss Math is taken since she also teaches math…  I’ll think of something~  But! It was fantastic to actually hang out with her and her kids and hear about what she has been doing for the past 20 years and our kids got along well and it just worked out so nicely I even got a picture

As soon as I got Fiona to go to sleep (our routine now is to walk around the block, around half a mile, 9:10 times she is asleep) I hit the wood with dad to try and finish the pennsic project.  Not exactly a slacker thing realy but I do spend most of my days here at the beach at some point or another.

Post nap we headed out to the yacht club for some sailing in the ‘little’ boat.  It still fits 3 adults and 4 kids easily but compared to the other boat it seems small.  We did a little round and round and while I know my dad enjoys sailing, and, he enjoys sharing the sailing fun with us, I think a tiny % likes to show off  just how loved he is by an endless stream of cute grandkids on the boat .  He gets nothing but compliments from the other old sea-dogs.

Feeding and washing this crew also takes a considerable amount of time, time I could be blogging, but the kids are not up to free range self care yet so we take care of them.  Right now I’m sitting on the floor outside their room with a figurative bat keeping them in beds.  We have had a few easy bedtimes but there is just no good and easy way to get 7 kids to bed.  If they were all in the same family I’m sure we would have a routine AND would not have 2 sets of twins but between one thing and another bedtime is the source of most of the angst in this trip.  Not that bedtime at home is cake, but, this is double the fun.  Camping next week with just my three will feel ‘easy’ but we will miss our cousins and friends.

So only a few days left in NY and nearly all our list checked for this section of the trip, we didn’t get to see everyone but you never do.  We did get the majority of my mom’s side of the family together for baby Olivers christening so we got a few good pictures of the big crew. For a lady that had no siblings she ended up with quite a collection. (that was my Saturday by the way)

I’ll try and get back here again before we head out for camping but who knows, you all might need to get a book to read for your daily entertainment while I’m camping.