Happy thanksgiving!

And a wonderful time was had by all. 


Thanksgiving prep

Turkey is ready!

Dark meat = pretzels

White = popcorn. 

I feel like it’s Friday. Is it?

Ps. Proof my eye is at 99%


iPhone wall… send help


Eye – nearly normal

Nap – got a little one, it was grand, better news; Fiona put her own head down in her own bed and took a nap!

House – still clean :)

Cat – getting a kidney nutritional supplement and diet rather than a shallow grave (so far)


I mentioned a while ago that I’ve been instigating communication and family togetherness with a Sunday Text String.  Its worked well, we have good participation and I feel like I know my cousins way better than I did in July.  The problem is there are 11 of us…  11.  Like one more than 10.  Did you know that 10 was the limit for text recipients?

For a while the answer was simple, one of our cousins didn’t like texting and constantly lost her phone anyway.  She ended up off the list and I’m  not sure she even knew…  Recently she has changed her mind about text and communication (I heard at least) so I renewed my efforts to find a way to include her.

So far no dice.  It looks like an ATT thing according to some articles but whatever it is I’m stuck for a solution.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Is there such thing as an auto forward for a group text?

Two of the cousins still share a house but they are pretty independent people so I don’t want to tell them they need to share the text…

I’ll keep looking but every app I’ve tried fails too so signs point to ATT.


Time hop grandparents 

My parents made it! Big hugs 😄

It is a Race!

Eye: nearly perfect

Naps: zero

Book consumed: 25% of reading, 50% of listening

House: yes


My parents left Long Island this morning on their way to come visit me.  Will they get here before I get things clean?

Thats the race…

Today in an effort to not kill the cat I re-arranged the room he has now decided is his litter box.  All dress up items are moved far away, he has a mat to protect our floor, 80% of the other furnature in the room also moved to accomidate moving the dress up stuff.  I do like rearranging furnature but not with the constant smell of pee in my nose.

The guest room only needed minor cleaning with fresh sheets etc because we have had a few guests recently so its been in good order.  Bathroom is also nice and clean.  The kids were making messes in the remainder of the house while I was cleaning so tomorrow I clean them and/or shut doors to kid bedrooms.  Lars was was out all day today so tomorrow he and the kids need some quality time somewhere else. (I don’t care where)

I have apx 9.5 hours to get my part done, I think I’m going to win :)  Regardless, I win, because they don’t really care how clean the house is and they are coming and that is a win for me!