Here are all the words I didn’t write over the past 3 days

It has been days and days of no words from me!  Anyone worried?  Technically you all choose to read this therefore you must care a little ~

Well; Thursday I paid the price for not going to the dentist in an age (the age of my youngest child).  There is nothing innately hellish about dentists in my opinion but in a weird way I’ve just put it off because I ‘could’.  I’ve spent years scheduling and creating time for all the things I HAD to do like endless kid doctors and taxes and stuff that if I didn’t do something bad would happen and I just got tired of finding time for something that I didn’t really even want to do.  Going to the dentist means either a careful manipulation of time and space to create a magical time I could get to the dentist solo, or, taking kids and trying to parent while there are other peoples hands in my mouth.  Dentist visits were just one of those things that were easier when I worked!  Anyway, I’m doing it now, so better late then never but my mouth hurts and is in for a bunch more hurting,  hopefully the end result will be good.  ps.  I also have to floss now :P

Thursday I also took the fastest trip to Ikea ever.  I needed 1 thing, I left with only 3 and the cherry on the top was that Zoe AND Fiona were able to go to Small Land at Ikea!  I was able to get the things, look at something I was curious about (it didn’t live up to the magazine pic in my opinion) pay, put everything in the car and come back for the kids and we all enjoyed a well earned lunch.  Nap time was in the car so not much time for blogging, plus, my face hurt.


my Ikea selfie. I’m not showing teeth because they hurt. I do like the picture though, maybe pain looks good?

Thursday was actually super busy because I had my board meeting/ mom night out that night and there is nothing to help you get over an icky dentist diagnosis then laughing so hard you cry with a bunch of friends.  I came home and more or less kissed the kids and went to sleep because that was a long day.

Friday was another doozy of a day.  First – my mouth still hurt – smashing way to start the day.  Then I had a long long list of special things to remember to pack for kids and I wanted the last day of school picture so it was a rush around morning for sure.


teacher gift – a pretty clipboard and a gift card. Yippie scrap book paper and modpodge

To the gym for the workout and that was a win.  If you follow me on Instagram (it’s also in the side bar –>) you can see that I’ve been seduced into the heavy lifting world.  A friend talked me into it and so far so good.  The machines I was working on are constantly full of octogenarians (not exaggerating) so I have far better luck with the squat rack.  I’ve gotten a few people giving me tips and feedback and between that and youtube I’m slowing getting better.  I deadlifted my body weight on Friday and that really felt like an accomplishment.  I hope that over time I’ll get stronger and lighter so lifting my body weight will be less and less of a big deal but it made my Friday.

I gummed some lunch with Fiona and got her down for a nap just in time to turn around and put her in the car so we could go see Zoe’s last day program at school.  She really had awesome luck with this class and teacher and she is totally 100% ready for kindergarten.  I also lucked out and got to see Niamh for her field day that was happening outside at the same time.  We missed most of the events but her teacher told me just how big a lead Niamh had on her classmates in the quarter mile race, she is the fastest runner in first grade. I collected both kids from school since it was nearly the end of the day and that was a good thing because the traffic going north was so bad that I would have missed the bus stop time.  There is only NY like traffic about 4 times a year here so that really isn’t bad, but, it is annoying to take 3x as long as normal to drive.


One last craft, preschool is all about the paint.

Firday I also started working my kid karma.  I watched a set of girls for a friend and they were no trouble but just 2 more variables to move through the evening but virables all the same. Today I’m continuing my streak by watching another friends 3 kids overnight so she can work.  It is after 11 and the boys are both asleep but the girls (my 2 and her 1) are making a real sleepover of this and are all still wispering.  For having 6 kids in the house there is much more peace than I would have expected, we will see what breakfast for 6 will be like.  This is just a preview for my summer where we will spend a few weeks with my sisters and their kids so there will be a collective of 8 kids ranging from 11year to 1 month.  The two youngest will actually sleep at their own home but I expect to see tons of them and I plan on at least 1 picture of Kate+8.

Today my mouth finally stopped hurting but my body was reminding me that I lifted heavy weights yesterday.  I shook it off with a morning dance party and then spent most of the day painting the garage creations.  I had ‘help’ so it was a slower process but I’m more then half done with a primer and first coat. I’m also doing the tedious task of going through all the garb to see what fits and orginizing it in general so the guest room can really be a guest room and not just a giant garb depot.  I’ll be glad this is done when I’m packing in a month!


kid storage.

Plans for the weekend include more of the same.  I would love to actually finish a big project but progress is always welcome.  I think I’m giving up on the giggling girls and just going to sleep myself.  I hope your memorial day weekend it good and/or productive.  Tomorrow we are grilling with friends and who know what we might do on Monday – Zoe carefulls, and legably, penciled in the word Zoo on one of my to-do lists and who can’t resist an add like that.

Three things…

today I went to the dentist and while he is a good man I’m just never going to love it there.

So I need to focus on some positive!

My Melaleuca beach bag so I am ready for the season

Last snack of the year and we made butterflies 

and this really should get a solo post but zoe niamh and I all went out in the dark for a light up wheel adventure 


Follow up

So yesterday did not get too much better with the Fiona.  3 is VERY 3 and when she is solo she wants 100% of my time and when her sisters are home she wants 100% of everyone’s time and if not she tries to destroy things!  It is the start of a phase but I also know it is a lack of nap.

Zoe and she ran around the yard like crazy and poor thing came in wheezing.  I’m starting to suspect something a bit more than allergies, need to mine the internet on what exactly is asthma because when I said it to the breathing therapist at the hospital she said “Nonononono!” like it is a cursed word and she said it does really bad things for insurance?  I don’t know, she is acting like the boy in elementary school that always had a rescue inhaler in a bag (made from a sock, I’ll never forget) around his neck at all times.

Anyway – swim lessons did not happen so I left them all eating dinner with Dad and I went for a little run.  About 10 min into my run I get this picture;


She does seem much more in line with normal today.

Speaking of follow-ups and hospital – I wrote a 4-page letter to them detailing how the hospital was not, in any way, set up for a child.  There is still a very very large part of me glad that we 1. weren’t there long 2. weren’t sent to the special Childrens Hospital downtown – meaning – 3. it was not serious enough for Childrens.  BUT there really is a certain level you expect from a hospital in the US.  When I recall passages from books written about healthcare in the 1800’s, or, in India to make me feel like this hospital is “ok”  it really is not ok.  Yesterday they called and said they are following up on my concerns, who knows where this might lead, but I am glad I said something.

Today I attempt to catch up on all the things on the never-ending list.  Hope you all have a fine Wednesday :)

not much

No nap.  Nap is being ignored.

I’m getting tons of stair climbs in returning her to her bed.  She really needs a nap…. She will now fall asleep somewhere inconvenient, probably on the way to swim lessons.

Oh well, can’t fight it, might as well go play mom.

Cee’s fun foto – trash can/rule of third

It is a picture post type of day.  Outside is gloomy, the house is messy and it is way more fun to waste use my nap time on picture projects :)

Cee gave a list of options this week and I’m choosing the unsung hero – the trash can.  We have the big cool trucks with forks on the side that tip the trash into the truck and roll on by.  It is the highlight of our Monday to go see the big truck.

Finding a picture with a trash can in it is easy!  They sneak into all my pictures in the side yard.  I give them credit, they have held up for 10+ years and we almost never fill-um up.  Lars feels like it is a bit of magic in our lives – we put our problems into a can and Monday rolls around and someone takes them away.  Personally I feel a bit of guilt on the waste but we do our part  being careful.

In this picture series of the trash can he is willingly playing along with the easter egg hunt, hiding that egg in plain sight – thanks trash can!


egg up?