V – Very perfect birthday

I have spent the last 2 weeks decluttering, spring cleaning and in general getting the house ready ‘just in case’ the weather was bad.

Not one kid set foot in the house

The weather was perfect; sunny, warm, slight breeze.

They loved everything from the fruit to the cake and nobody wanted to leave.  I call this a complete win.  Lets do it again tomorrow!

And here are so many pictures you will feel like you were there~


table, tent




Gold enough for you?

Lars is on the bottom of that pile of girls Golden princess yippie! my decorating ready for cake puzzle teamwork time puzzle hunt – every egg had a puzzle piece in it. my zoo table ready too cute tent side

U – Up side to Under Pressure

2 parties in 2 days!

Things are coming along but now is about when I start to feel the pressure….  There were things I should have done already that I let slide figuring things would go ‘to plan’ and I would have time later.

The Upside is I did do tons already – 90% of the house is very clean and party ready.  I already made the blankets that are the party favor for Zoe’s birthday and they just need bows tied.  I actually made 2 per kid; one child sized and a matching one in doll size.  I can’t resist at least one project!


The shopping is done for all but day of things.

I still need to put together the party favors for Niamh’s party but all the parts are in one place and ready.

The tent is up, got up before dark even but I just didn’t get a picture before dark….

The upside to under pressure is that frantic burst of energy I expect to roll in any time now.  Energy to do all the things!  I skipped the gym today because I ‘lost’ a day earlier in the week I was counting on but thats life.

The ‘icing on the cake’ is that we found out today that Zoe’s bff from school is allergic (like epipen) to dairy.  I have a plan and she is bringing her own dairy free cheese* for pizza and I need to make another set of cupcakes since she can’t have the cake but I do have a dairy free frosting in my arsenal and Zoe said the sweetest thing when I told her that her friend can’t have regular pizza, she said “well, I’m up for trying soy pizza!”  If she is game so am I and we are going to have two awesome parties.

Ps * I’m not asking what is in dairy free cheese

pps. Tomorrow’s post is probably going to be something like “v – very busy” so manage expectations :)

T – Is for Tent

Set up for the party but I think this was my first time with no outside help.

And thank G this tent is so cool.

S – is for Songs

I really don’t have a strong preference for a particular music, I more or less like it all.  The notable exception is any ‘music’ that includes inhuman screaming of the ‘lyrics’… So… I don’t listen to much death metal from the Scandinavian region.

What I do like is singing in general and while I’m not a great singer by any stretch I am a creative singer.  I sing special bedtime songs to each of the kids that is a customized version of a Laurie Berkner song.  I created a naptime song for Fiona.  Zoe adores my sung recounting of what happened in her day with the chorus; “Zoe is my middle girl and she is very special…” sung to an upbeat version of ‘Lemon Tree’ that I do after her bath.  I also have a very festive potty song that I’ve sung about a million times and I’m very glad it is short.  I make up words to songs all the time and have so much in their lives that all my girls do it too.  Here is a short clip of what my life is like when I tell them I’m making chicken pie for dinner;

So does Lars and he has always done it, part of his charm to me.  He makes up plenty of unique ditties but his speciality is replacing key words in kids music to make it much more amusing.  This might not make sense to those not in the loop of kids TV but if you really care to hear the actual songs I liked to youtube

For Dora and Friends the Hola Hola song actually says ‘buen vineto’ but our version is ‘buen Doreto’

Umizoomi – a catchy song about ‘mighty math powers’ begs to have math replaced with things like ‘ass’  or the slang meaning for a male chicken

Dora the Explorer – the original – goes “Dora Dora Dora the Explorer” but a more realistic line is “Dora Dora Corporate Whore-a” when you see her face on just about every possible kid thing.

He also messes with the girls singing the wrong words to all the My Little Pony songs but he keeps them clean.

I love hearing the songs the kids create.  They know all sorts of styles of music thanks to people like my favorite Daniel Ingram who use all sorts of styles in creating their music for TV.  We also play an eclectic mix and Pandora on tap helps too.  So for not being musical really, there is a ton of music going on here.

For posterity, here are the bedtime songs.  Feel free to skip this section, I’m writing with the naive notion that my kids might read it someday~

Niamh – Based on Moon Moon by Laurie

Moon moon moon, Shining Bright

Moon moon moon, my night light

Moon moon moon I can see

Moon moon moon you’re taking care of Niamh

Look up its the moon

Look up its the moon

Look up its the moon up in the sky.

Its big and round, and I have found that it looks just like a lemon pie.

Moon moon moon, Shining Bright

Moon moon moon, my night light

Moon moon moon I can see

Moon moon moon you’re taking care of Niamh

Zoe – Based on Nona by Laurie

Zoe Zoe heres your song

Zoe Zoe all night long

Zoe Zoe rocking chair – hold you close and take you there

Zoe Zoe time for bed

Zoe Zoe sleepy head

Zoe Zoe you know its true – now and always we love you

we, love, you

Fiona – based on, you guessed it, Goodnight by Laurie

I’m a little tiger and my mommy loves me

I’m a little tiger and my daddy loves me

and when they tuck me in to say good night they say

roar roar roar

good night

goood night gooood night, good night Fiona good night

goood night gooood night, good night, good night, good night

I’m a little sister and my Niamhy loves me

I’m a little sister and my Zoe loves me

and when they tuck me in to say good night they say

“Good night Fiona”

good night

goood night gooood night, good night Fiona good night

goood night gooood night, good night, good night, good night

naptime – original creation by me :)

Nap time, nap time, time to take a rest

Nap time, nap time,  nap time is the best

its the time for little girls

who someday want to rule the world

to lay there little head to rest

and know that mommy wants the best

for nap time, nap time, time to take a rest

Potty – also original ::all while dancing::

Fiona (or whoever) peed in the potty!

Fiona (or whoever) peed in the potty!

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

R – is for Running

Running…. a necessary evil in some ways.  Long ago I figured out that I was not coordinated enough for sports like tennis or golf but running takes very little hand eye skill.  It is also a way to melt off weight.  I’ve read plenty of things that say walking is just as good but I get so bored walking and running is just so much faster.

At one point I was a good runner, on a team with a trainer and everything.  A part of my brain can’t give up those stats and anytime I run a slow mile I hear echos of the past telling me to speed up.  Now I do a 5k here and there but I basically just run to run.  Usually at some point I start really feeling strong running and end up running faster.  This year I used the elliptical all winter to try and get to that point faster in the outside season and based on that plus some weight training I’m happy to say my mile time is under 9 min and hovering at 8.40 already!  I have no clue if I’ll ever run something more substantial like a 10k or a Half or even a marathon.  My sister and so many friends have done marathons but I’m not sure I can commit to doing anything for 5 hours, not to mention all the time you’re supposed to run before to work up to the 26 miles.  I’ll put it in the ‘maybe’ category and that is an upgrade from the ‘never’ status it has been for years.

Here are my top ten reasons to run;

1. Next to no equipment needed, all you need is sneekers.

2. I can listen to my book in peace – I like audio books, way more distracting than music and the pace is more steady

3. I can run away from my family for a while – I always go back… but for half an hour I can be gone with a good reason

4. Good to check out what is going on in the neighborhood

5. I can do it alone, without help (other than kid watching).  No depending on a team or a group.  I can do it when I have time and I want to.

6. I can pretend to be athletic

7. It validates my oreo’s

8. It is faster than most other exercises, and, if you want to be done faster, run faster!

9. It is portable, I can even run on vacation, its actually extra fun to cruise a new area

10. Running is something I can measure myself against – faster, slower, longer – I get stats and I like stats – and it is entirely based on my work not the work of a team or luck or anything else.  Other than sometimes blaming nasty weather, everything else is just a variable  (like how hills affect my time etc).

Running is just the sport for me.  I hope my body lets me keep doing it for a long time.  I like that if I’m fast or slow I’m still ‘in the game’.  I did field hockey and soccer and you just can’t do that as an adult without massive commitment to a team, if they even exist, and they only run for a season so the rest of the year you are SoL.  Speaking of, its about time for me to get going :)

ps.  I want to mention this but other peoples dreams are usually even more dull then lists about why they like to run.  However.  99% of my dreams that I remember are just like my regular life and completely dull.  Better than bad dreams – but – the awesome dreams I have I’m Running, really really fast, like practically flying but I know I’m absolutely running.  I love that feeling and those dreams and in some ways I’m always chasing that dream when I run in real life.

Q – is for Quote

Q is a hard letter.  Quitting isn’t cool, Quiet is dull and basically non existent so I’m going with a Quote from Zoe;

Lars: – Reading a notice about school pictures….

Zoe: why are there so many pictures of the same gir?

Lars: Because they are showing you all the different background options – do you know what a background is?

::non interesting discussion::

Lars: so in the end, background is anything but the subject.  Do you know what the subject means?

Zoe: yes – the people you rule over!


I need to get back to rearranging furniture for party weekend!  That is the Zoe Quote of the day.