Three Things Thursday


Weather – outside all the time weather

Naps – aka quiet time 

Health – a-ok!  

Busy week and I’m actually doing this during my first school board meeting.  So that is my first smile thing

Who knows, I might be in a big chair next year….

2.  Working on a new outdoor play space. Built some nice benches so far. More to come soon. 

3.  Very school week- I baked a ton for the teacher appreciation breakfast and helped serve. although it was an early morning it was very worth it. 

There is more outside fun with bugs and worms and playing but that is all on Instagram. 

Outdoor furniture and decorations (rant)

Ok – I live in Minnesota.  It snows about half the year.  So when it stops snowing/being arctic you have a limited time to get outside and enjoy the really fabulous weather.  It really is nice here in the summer and we have a giant deck, a medium deck, a patio AND a front porch.  The pinterest side of me wants all the really pretty vistas and seating arrangements and planters but the person who hates to spend a ton of money on non-value add things, not to mention a person who really does not have endless time, ends up with a frustrating situation or 10!


  1. Furniture – a whole set of furniture dedicated to outside use.  Things that need moving and cleaning a minimum of 2x a year.  If you are just starting up your collection I would advise you to steer clear of the seats with cushions.  No matter how nicely you treat them after 5 years they are trashed….  I just looked at replacement and the best I can find is $50 a piece.  Good thing I can sew but I would rather some solution that makes these chairs usable without giant bulky cushions to store.
  2. Planters – Winter I can stick some fake pine trees and make them look nice but summer I’m stuck spending a small fortune on flowers or having pretty planters full of dirt.  And there isn’t anything that can be done about spring!  Flowers would die with our temp swings in the spring but pine trees look pretty silly.  I need options for spring…  I’m also going with tomato’s and herbs rather than flowers for the value-add side of things so my guests will have to be ok with dirt for a bit until the plants look like something.
  3. Maintainance – 2 years ago we used deckover for our deck.  It was not inexpensive nor was the painter to powerwash and paint.  Guess what?  there are chips now… not super bad but I’m not pleased that I have to deal with this again.
  4. flower beds and garden – I know this is an entire hobby for some people… I wish those people were near me because I have no idea how to make my space work.  I’m happy for the few plants that come back year over year, I dislike weeding because I am never sure if I’m pulling a plant out so I have to watch it for a while to see what it turns into and that equals a shaggy looking garden.
  5. Oh, and I’m also supposed to have a fairy garden?  WTF Pinterest…  I see why some people hate that site.  Everything is just so pretty but so unattainable without a horticulture degree, a personal greenhouse, and a team for helpers (who help and don’t just dig holes and put sticks in them)

I like our outdoor spaces, I want them to be nice and I’ve been spending hours a day cleaning up winter dirt, dust, leaves, weeds, junk from last year etc and then I get to work on the inside messes too:)  I want some brainstorming;


  • maintenance free planter ideas for spring
  • comfortable inexpensive options for replacing cushions
  • plants that grow without fuss

ok go!


I do enjoy this though…

IMG_8692 IMG_8789 IMG_8700 IMG_8439 IMG_8765

Ps.  I just bought wood to make a ‘club house’ see, pinterest has infected my brain, I can’t stop….

Share your world week 17

Sundays are for sharing stuff:)  Thanks for the outlet Miss Cee


When writing by hand do you prefer to use a pencil or pen?  Pen, but I use pencil often enough and even marker and crayon…  I have a favorite pen that was a gift from a supplier.  She was a pushy crazy lady but I really liked her and she selected this specifically for me.  It’s a quality pen but also has my name on it and is purple with purple crystals in it and it has an easy open/close tip so it lives in my pocketbook.

What’s your choice: jigsaw, word, maze or numeric puzzles? jigsaw for sure from those options.  I don’t spell well and mazes are kinda boring for me.  

Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself? I’ve had both, I like how short hair looks, I like how long hair can be easily put up.

List five some of your favorite blogs. I can’t!  I jinx anyone I ever officially list in a question like this…  but I’m interested in who you like:)


Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?   grateful for the new friends we met and looking forward to new party crafts.

I’m not doing a bad job

Sometimes when I check the kids into kid-care to work out, or, put on a show after dinner and go run on the elliptical I feel like maybe I’m not doing the right thing.  I know that being healthy is part of being a good mom but what do the kids think?


today I got a little bit of an answer….  I was doing a little work and Fiona came down and hopped on the elliptical and said she needed to work out.  She lasted about 65 seconds but hey, she is really short.  Since I still had a little bit of work to finish (taking down the townhouse add, I wish I had 3 to rent!)  I gave her my phone and she asked me to smile and show my muscles.  Not really the best picture ever but my photographer is 3.


I think that they know exercise is important.  I’ve heard them all choose water because it is ‘most healthy’.  I’m sure I’ve messed them up in other ways by calling the cute or pretty or praising a 100% on a test rather than the work or effort that went into it. (aside, so what if no work went into getting that 100?  What if the test is so easy that anything less than 100 for her I would ask if she got distracted?  Still awesome that she followed the rules and got 100% but can’t exactly praise her ‘effort’).  The other day they had a push up contest and in 4 one min tests Nimh did 80, Zoe did 100, and Fiona did 40 – I didn’t witness this so no idea on the quality but they wanted to do this!  I could be doing worse raising kids with fitness on the mind – I’m balancing it with absolutely no

3 Things


weather – seem to be reverting to winter… uncool MN spring

nap – she needs one, she is in her room, I am here typing

House – major shake ups coming, playing room merry go round and kitchen mini reno.

reading – not much!  keep falling asleep too fast


  1. This game – Neko Atsume – my mom introduced it to us and it is so fun for the kids.  incredibly low interaction, you really just go look at what cats are there.  You fill the food up and maybe get a new toy out but really all you do is check on the cats.  Purrrrfect distraction for all the kids and certainly makes me smile.IMG_8687
  2. Thing two that is a happy thing is finally listing the rental.  I listed yesterday and its like a feeding frenzy!  4 inquiries in under a day.  I already have a favorite but there is a strong second too.  It is such a relief to have demand!
  3. After a year of sitting on the project, I nearly have bedroom curtains.  Don’t worry, we had shades so the neighbors were shielded from our PJ’s.  I say nearly because I’m still working on some options but they are cut and 90% sewn.


    not yet perfect but they exist – top is a close up

I’m also looking forward to my MOM night out tonight and I have an excited/scared feeling about taking on my closet.  Its time, its been years since I wore my work uniform of nice pants and a button down that I need to say good bye to that segment of my wardrobe.  I have ignored the closet for years, it needs help, I think this is the time to reclaim it.  Sure, my life is full of glamour and excitement, you should see what I don’t tell you about😉