Snack Mom March Edition

I’m so glad that last Friday I opened up Niamh’s folder and looked at everything because I usually reserve that pleasure for Monday morning.  This, being the beginning of the month, contained the snack calendar for the month!  Usually she (I? we?) is toward the end of the month but somehow we were bumped up in the world and our day to provide snack for all 25 kids is Tuesday (TODAY!) so if I had waited until Monday I might have had to phone it in with a pack of cookies but luckily I got it in time.

Niamh (I/we) have gotten a pretty good rep in the class for fun snacks.  Niamh always reports that people like them but I got a rave review from the teacher when I stopped by to drop off something Niamh forgot.  She says there is actual excitement and guessing and peeking into her bag or box on snack day.  The bar is not high because most kids bring gummies but its fun for me.


There was a bit of an extra stress this month because of vacation planning.  I need to pack and clean and continue to parent so less time than normal given a 4 day lead time.  Pinterest to the rescue!  I looked up St Patricks day since thats the thing and found this cute thing.

Inspiration pic by smart school

Then I found these jokes to add to them (maybe getting them to read will make up for the fact I’m giving them sugar balls of unnatural color).

Capturing Joy site, and, the download even works although I just wrote the answers on the back rather than mess with 2 sided printing and my POS printer

I’m getting good at making my own labels in Excel rather than relying on printables because they often don’t work for me, or, the size is not what I needed.  The trick is to make a text box, type, mess with the font and color until it looks cool then add clip art.  Select all and merge it then copy and paste it to fit 3 rows of 3 landscape.


I probably put way too much thought into these but I want to balance fun with cost with nutrition with safety with mess level as well as my ability to make it and Niamh’s ability to get it to school on a bus.  That is a bunch of variables…  For this Lepracon rainbow I used;

sandwich sized ziploc

1 family sized box of Trix

1 bag of gold wrapped candies

roll of green ribbon

25 jokes, 25 “don’t get Trix” tags.

hole punch


1c scoop.


I don’t think I really need to write out How-To but my only tip is to put the tags (1 joke, 1 label) back to back so the answer does not show and hole punch them at the same time.

Instead of staples I used a tag and tie method because I didn’t want them ripping the bags open and spilling all the trix.  Longer to do but I think worth it.

Niamh helped this time by cutting the papers and filling the baggies with cereal using a 1c scoop.  She also added the chunk of gold wrapped candy to each bag and we made 3 special ones that had sugar candy not made on machines that also processed nuts.  I did the hole punch and ribbon cutting and tying and together we were done in about 15 minutes.  I have no idea if Niamh will remember these specifically but I sure am teaching her assembly line project management :)


I hope they all like them!

Monday story time 3/2

This week we got a more than just a picture and a sentence for our 150 word flash fiction challenge, we also got a bit of a tip that this frog is connected to the famous Mark Twain.   According to the challenge leader; “This marker is significant in that it features Mark Twain’s character Jim Smiley, and a jumping frog, Dan’l Webster!”  So no space alien frog story this week…


When it came to a challenge, Jim Smiley just had to jump right in!  Old Smiley, die hard betting man, this spot of pavement made a perfect place for Diamond Jim to generate some juice.  When the words wouldn’t flow Jim set up a three card monte game near that famous frog.  Diamond didn’t technically need to work, he had royalties,  savings from the days in the majors,  and, bank because he “bet” well on the market (and everything else).  This hussle  was simply to get his blood moving.

True to the Smiley way, he never cheated – the Lady was always there. That didn’t stop people from being sore losers…  Mad people made great character fodder but the good losers; they got a card that said “mail me a postcard” and if they did they got a $20 bill in return mail. Giving away money tended to attract it back, plus, its fun and that is what life is for.

Weekly Doodle – Sun

I have a love hate relationship with the sun.  I do feel more happy in a sunny world, however, I burn like a dry leaf so I can’t just bask in it.

Join me in doodling and link it up!



Science Fun: Get Your Oceanography On


I’ve never reblogged but I want to go back to all these links and I don’t want the internet to eat it…. Plus, I’m sure you all will love it too. Thanks mrs Brain!

Originally posted on Nerd in the Brain:

Last month, I started a little feature where I share links for fun things to do based on a particular area of science. For January, the topic was astronomy. One of the lovely Nerd in the Brain readers suggested an ocean theme for this month, so I got to searching! Let me show you some of the fun stuff I found…

At the NOAA site, all sorts of educational opportunities abound! For example, if you want to know more about coral reefs, just go HERE. Want to play games that teach about ocean waves, seafloor mapping, and all the swimmy critters? Check this out:

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 1.57.37 PM

If you’re a teacher, you’ll really want to click that “For Teachers” button on their site…more ocean-y goodness than you can shake a stick at! But don’t skip the “For Fun” button. Behind that button hides a free, downloadable activity book that has…

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Everything is Awesome! (not)

Not jokes, so 1992…

No worries really – life in general is just fine but the current dilemma is mattress and bed related.  I don’t know if anyone recalls but nearly a year and a half ago our bed broke and we were unable to figure out what we wanted so we duct taped it back together (actually we are using a roof rack strap with a ratchet, so cool) and its doing ok but needs replacement.  We got our current mattress in 2001 so it has had a fantastic run but its getting end of life and now that there are no babies nursing, puking, spitting up, or possibly peeing on our bed we can safely move on to a new one.  You think that should be easy right?  Nope.  We found a few we like in stores but then they rate very poorly on all the research sites.  Technically there are NO GOOD MATTRESSES according to the sites.  All of them fail somewhere.  Thats where the dilemma is, most of the time we are choosing between a selection of good items where we nit pick details but regardless of our choice it will be fine like the Volvo v Lexes choice of last year, neither was bad, one just more good for us.  Mattress seem to be the opposite.  All of them suck in some important way and on top of it all they are expensive so not something I want to just replace in 3 years.  Apparently I was just darn lucky with 1800 mattres because I told the guy what we liked and he said “here, get this one” and 12 years later I’m a bit sad to let it go.  Some brand new mattress in the store are not as nice as our 12 year old Serta…  Same with beds, they look great but then we read reviews and it is all falling apart and problems a year later.

On the one hand I just want to get it done.  On the other crippling indecision because of all the failure potential.

Thus why we have a falling apart bed and old mattress because we can’t decide!

Otherwise, happy Friday!  I actually have plans for the weekend and that is a happy thing.  I’m in countdown mode for vacation/adventure next week, and, the ICLW week has been a fun and slightly exhausting exercise.  I’ve learned that I don’t like the Blogger platform, it eats comments, and, there are a ton of fun sites out there and no good way to read them all because the wordpress reader is wordpress centric and my feed reader is not the best because its a phone app so I often can’t comment because of the not mobile friendly templates.  Oh well, more good than bad for this experiment at least :)

I hope everyone is having a nice day, time for me to go make my 6 comments and then tackle the ‘do at naptime’ list~


looking for a mattress is fun for some of us at least :)


Three Thursday Things

Yesterday I did a solo picture of Zebra and yesterday night I added to it with this one I call Zebra and Girl (since his ‘name’ is zebra to her, I’m sure her name to him is girl)



Today I spent a massive amount of time making my kitchen floor clean.  I took a picture so it will last longer….  I love the look of a clean floor and maybe someday people will take off snow boots, eat over their plates, and stop dripping things. (good thing I took a picture to hold me over til then)


And these crazy crystal window crayons are awesome.  They clean up super easily, they make funky snowflake style designs all by themselves and while I’m standing at the back door watching them play in the snow I have something to keep me busy.  Oh yeah, they also like drawing with them too….



This inspiration for a post from the nice lady at Nerd the Brain