First day of the rest of my life

I feel like you all might be tired of me after yesterday!  It was a wonderful birthday made all the better by my family.  I remember when kids were tiny and they didn’t care a hoot if it was your birthday, finally, 2 of 3 care and the 1 usually follows along with the sisters for the most part.  Niamh and Zoe made me a book, all done ‘seceretly’ at night and they were very excited to give it to me.  I did pay a bit for the day because with schedules off bedtime was less routine and Fiona was overtired from two days of school in a row but now we are basically back on track again.

A part of me feels like I need a goal for the year.  For the past few there was always something big brewing ~

2005 – married and house

2006 – new job

2007 – reign

2008 – baby and Reign

2009 – bunches of travel

2010- baby

2011 – house buying (rental) – School

2012 – baby AND left job AND finished MBA

2013 – first year home, since I left in Sept it only counts a bit in 2012

2014 – started consulting


I know I’ll end up doing something I just usually have a general clue ahead of time.  Babies take a while to cook, houses do too.  We aren’t ready for another reign, there isn’t a good house to buy…  We are planning some construction but we have done something construction like most years and short of building a house it won’t count for the year~  Obviously I have short term plans like finishing christmas presents today and a playdate on Monday, houseguests after christmas – general mothering and wifing and contracting (and of course blogging) but what should my focus be?  Something to think about…

Naptime is short and I have a serger to play with so look for pictures of PJ’s soon (I hope).

Have a great day!

End of my day

And I’m done!

Typed lovingly with my thumbs

Early evening

5 pm hour I got the call that my serger was all ready for pickup so I ended up doing a virtual repeat of my morning errands.

Serger secured and to Cub (again) for kid dinner and coffee and I added in a stop to see the Beer Lady and get wine to match the steaks

IMG_3526 IMG_3525 IMG_3524

I got home to 3 hungry girls who were eager to eat dinner because they really wanted to eat the cake that Zoe decorated.


Cake and facetime with my parents and I got to open their gift of a very pretty Free-Trade necklace.  Bedtime was 66% perfect but Fiona pitched (is still pitching as I write but hopefully done by the time you read… especially if it is tomorrow…) a screaming fit.  2 is a hard age.


Up next is a steak dinner and 25 craft lollypops for Zoe’s class tomorrow~

Grouping a few hours

From 2-3 ish we finished up at the mall, Lars HAS to go into the games store and now there is a hot sauce store right next to it.  It is like man-trap zone.  On our way out of the mall Lars spotted someones license on the ground in the parking garage so we lost 10min or so bringing it to security and then getting back to our car so that was a fairly un picture worthy hour.

Home again and I baked my own cake (kids will decorate)


I also facetimed with one of my sisters


With the crew home at 4pm we had lots of hugs and hearing about the day and getting of gifts from the girls and Lars.  Instead of taking pictures I just enjoyed it.  I also got one set of flowers and a voice mail that a second set was delivered to my neighbors….  Will I ever see that bouquet?  Who knows…  But given that they called to ask when I would be home, I told them after 4, they ignored me completely I’m not thrilled with their service.


Now I’m off to pick up the serger and I’m looking forward to what the 5 o’clock hour brings~

1-2pm birthday adventure

Tiger sushi then a walk in couples massage. FYI Order not recommended….

Typed lovingly with my thumbs

Noon on my birthday

Mall walking (and sampling)

Typed lovingly with my thumbs