Mom workout

This is a real account of my real workout last night (written then but published now).  It is not fake.  It is not embroidered…. you can’t make this up

the scene – I live a mile from the arctic circle so we have summer daylight til 10pm but it is already too dark to run at 6 here.  Husband and Child #1 are at karate.  Child #2 and #3 eat a good dinner, taking only 45 minutes to consume 4 fishsticks and a bunch of peas.  Actually a LOT of peas since Zoe spilled the bag and since the floor was clean for once I cooked them.  (See cooking them kills any germs) Anyway, dinner, bath, pj’s, last potty and amazingly enough it is 7pm on the dot so I allow myself to put on a Dora for them.  I dash to my room to put on something I can work out in and run downstairs(3 sets) to the elliptical pausing for .5 seconds to turn on the baby monitor.

On the elliptical – mess with the iPad stars app to get to my current addiction The Chair

run run run

hear something 10min in, run upstairs (3 flights) to sort out the very minor issue.  Thank god it isn’t poop or blood (all other mess can wait!)

10 min left in Dora – back to the machine (down 3 flights)

run run

iPad dies because you only get so much on once charge and I do ask a lot of the little guy. – upstairs again,(2 flights) Dora only has 2 min anyway, preheat the oven for the bread that finally rose.

(1 set up) Bedtime books, bedtime tuckin, down the stairs for a cracker, back up to give it to her.

(down 1 set ) Settle #2 with her show (up one set of stairs) put bread in the oven

(down 2 sets) to the machine again this time with an extension cord and charger

Run run run – I love Shane Dawson – run run

?what is that noise?  Is #3 calling? – slow down, pause show, Hear her playing with her toys – back up to speed

Beep beep! bread done, hop off, (up 2 sets) bread out, back to the machine (2 down)

run run run run run – getting good here, 20min straight!

Hear husband and #1 come home and hop off to tell them to shower (#1) and kiss the baby (husband) – back on the machine

run 10 more, realize that all together I’ve done 12+15+25+10= 52!!! where did I create that sort of time!!!  Must be a time warp down here.  Get off the machine and write it down.

Counting all those stairs that is a real workout.  I’m not sure how the breaks factor in but lets call that interval training.

And that is how I plan on getting rid of the 5lb I don’t want around my middle – elliptical and stair dashes


My free day

Wednesday, my alleged free day.  The day that I was supposed to live the dream of sleeping, reading and eating bon bons….  Well then I got a client, and now I have another -> 2 solid hours accounted for plus admin.  One of my goals for staying at home was to be an active part of my kids education so I volunteer at school monthly -> 2.5 hours.  Every time I get a pile of mail or stuff I add it to a pile that I label -> to do on Wednesday, not exactly the best plan but better than ignoring the mail.  Same goes for any project that requires more than 15 min of focused attention.  Wow, the day is pretty full since I really only have from 9am – 4pm.  As president of the MOMS club I don’t have too many duties but I do have some and they get assigned to… you guessed it…. Wednesday!  Then there are the projects that come up that need to be done like deseeding 5million tomatoes or finishing touches on 3 costumes or taxes.  On top of it all I have a diluted notion that I can clean the whole house on Wednesday (I can’t btw unless I did no other things)


Oddly enough on a regular day I do tend to get a solid hour of doing things time during nap and occasionally I sit and wonder what I should do.  Other days are hard though becuse it is really hard to know if you can start something involved because kids might need me at any moment.  Sometimes Fiona will actually nap for 3 hours but that 3 hours is filled with 10 or 15 activities because I just never know.  Fortunately blogging is a good 15 min activity, unfortunately I schedule my wednesday so tightly that I don’t have time for a good blog (so this is what I write!).


Time to go make bread, sew, clean in that order.  See you tomorrow!


ps.  I got studio time to do GOOD pictures of the costumes this weekend :)

pps. Yesterday we played in the leaves and here are some pretty fall pictures

IMG_9953-002 IMG_9945-002 IMG_9941-002 IMG_9924-002 2014-10-21

ppss. Niamh took all the pictures that I’m in

Other Kate gets Diamond Earings

A friend asked me recently if there has been any Other Kate action recently and the answer is yes!  I still have some random unknown other-other Kates but Australia Kate (the #1 O.K.) is doing quite well and recently her jeweler mistook her address and mine and I got an EM with the subject line “Diamond syud prices”. The spelling of stud tipped me off pretty quickly that this was for AU Kate and this time I was able to send the note on to her since I did in the end track down her real email address.  That jewelry store is lucky, that could have been a very very expensive error since she was quoting about 2k for a set and I’m sure that is in AU money so more like 3 or 4K USD.  I told her she needed at least .5 tcw ;)


So my title is just a guess really, I have no idea if she got them or not because I assume she corrected the silly jewelry store and they worked it out without me in the middle, or maybe she decided that a store that can’t read should not get her business.  We did have a nice conversation over the difference in our addresses (I’m and she is and we are now friends on facebook and everything.


As for the other other Kates – I’m still ‘enjoying’ a subscription to a soccer tips video series misdirected to me.  No news on the dating Kate in England but I did unsubscribe my address so hopefully she re did it and found someone lovley by now.


The same friend who follows this Other Kate story sent me a link to someone asking for help because it was happening to them – getting important-ish email for a different person.  I read through and it did feel very familiar and then I read the comments and I’m glad I had a happy ending because apparently they are not all so happy!  Sometimes people WANT your e-mail address so they purpously spam you with trash until you give it up and they can grab it.  That is some seriously misdirected tenacity…  I often think of my step-brother-in-law who’s email is RAPNation and he is a 50ish year old white guy who does not and will not ever rap but those are his initials and he got it first.  Baby books/sites are now wisely advising parents to look at not just what the initials for a baby will spell or stand for but also what combinations of their name in corporate email standards look like.  I worked with a thinman@ (T Hinman) who is a wonderful person but NOT a thin man.  I think I did ok in general, Fiona’s initials are a state, Zoe’s are nothing I can see, and Niamh’s worst case is a National ‘M’ League.  Not too bad for not going super obsessive over the subject.


There is the O.K. update for the quarter.  Usually as soon as I write this I get about 10 things in the next week so there may be more ….

What to do about student loan debt

It is a good thing I don’t listen to NPR daily anymore because it distracts me from the fun retelling of my week and weekend and what I ate for dinner (sarcasm…).  Fiona has something against all radio, talk and music – Niamh and Zoe are getting too interested in the stories so if I want to avoid topics of shooting, ebola, and defining the phrase ‘escalating crisis’ to a 4 year old I end up not listening in the car.  Today was a rare day that Fiona was munching lunch and happy and I listened to the open forum for the MN Gov Race.  I think I actually caught this last time too and Daton sounds older now…  Anyway one of the questions from a Hamline College student was “What are you going to do about our college debt?”  I guess I’m not going to run for governor because my answer is nowhere near as nice as theirs.  They gave the talking point answer of “I froze MN state tuition” and “lets make focused schools to cut down costs” and more or less avoided the elephant in the room but it was only a 1 min answer anyway.


If you asked me a question like that I would say “what are YOU doing about your student loan debt?”  (and then I might say “get off my lawn”)


I searched my own blog because I know I wrote about this topic in the past and here it is and I still think those things help you NOT spend a fortune on school therefore decreasing your debt.

quick recap;

1. Take full advantage of the AP or CLEP or whatever ‘college credit’ classes in High school.

2. Cost benefit the school with the likely results – don’t forget you want to get scholarships and have them take your credits

3. Get through school in less time, fewer semesters, fewer payments


Adding to that all -


What happened to saving for college?  I know a guy who put aside 1/2 of all he ever made from all the random kid/teen jobs he had (including detasseling corn, a unique midwest job that apparently still needs doing) and I think he graduated debt free (I could be wrong, but he was close to debt free at least).  I know that financial aid looks at what you have to determine what they can give you BUT if what they are offering is a LOAN at 4-14% you don’t really want more of that help.  So even if you only save up enough for 1 year of school that means you only have 3 years of debt.  I am sure this is over simplified but the point is save some when you are 15 to avoid paying back when you are 40.

Ok YES, schools should be looking at ways to stay affordable.  YES, Loans should not be at crazy high interest (that apparently happened after my loan years).  BUT to ask someone running for governor who needs to worry about attracting and retaining business in the state, overall jobless rates, taxes, a split government, roads, bridges, buildings, felons, taxes, schools, budgets of every flavor, state healthcare system, and I’m sure dozens of other things….  what he plans on doing about YOUR debt that YOU took?  What are they teaching in college?


….. step down from soap box…..

In other news, Halloween costumes are virtually complete.  Everyone could go out tonight and look just fine :)




Checking in with the internet world to post an update on our fall vacation.

For anyone in a rush, here are the highlights in % format

Fiona is 70% potty trained

Costumes are 75% done (Niamh 50%, Zoe 90%, Fiona 99%)

Break is 50% done (including weekend)

I still have 100% of my kids, and at least 80% of my sanity

House is 40% clean

pumpkins are 1% carved (meaning they exist in our house but thats it)

To-do map from Wednesday is around 65% done


Wednesday they declared a PJ day and that was fine with me.  Niamh ended up changing anyway but she had the option and for me, it is nice to not be telling people to get dressed 50x.  It does limit what one can do though so mostly at home projects.  They watched the movie they had been wanting for ages, they played with playdoh, they even got a new wii game because Niamh did so well on her school report and has turned a reading corner.  They also cleaned their room (with assistance) but it is less deadly in there now…  Fiona was at school all day meaning nobody had to worry about her eating their playdoh creations, stomping on their towers, or uncleaning what they clean.  For me it was a whole day of not worrying about asking her to go potty every hour.  The big surprise of the day was Fiona coming home in the same clothes she left in meaning NO ACCIDENTS!


Yesterday we went to Tamarack in the most perfect fall weather ever.  It was also a playdate for Niamh so she was super happy.  Poor Fiona ended up really suffering from allergies.  I’ve basically mom-diagnosed her sudden, vicious, random ‘cold’ that nobody else ever has as allergies.  They really do get her though and her nose runs down her throat so she hacks herself awake so on top of it all she is tired and miserable.  We got a good childrens Zyrtec and accurate dosing advice from a children’s specialist (since she is 2, but, the average weight of an 18 month old, I wanted to dose based on weight).  She went from a sad lump of mucus leaking tot to her normal happy running around snot-free self about 20 min after her first dose.  I feel bad for not finding this cure earlier….  Anyway, the day ended well and I got a ton done on halloween costumes even.  I capped the day off with a night out with some girlfriends and all the kids are big enough now that mommy is not required for bedtime (so nice!).


Today I went to the gym and we did our normal routine.  It was not so long ago that I had 3 every day so it is no big deal to add them back in.  The afternoon is looking gray outside so I’ll have to see what is on the agenda but so far so good on our break.  I think they are even having fun and I have not gone too crazy yet.  Fiona also was dry the whole time at kid care, and playing, and driving to and fro, I think we are getting somewhere.  Next up is painting Niamh’s skirt for Princess Sofia.  I made a template yesterday so it should go fast.  So far today I installed the zipper and I have a bunch of hand sewing to do tonight.  Zoe’s She Ra is good enough that she could wear it out if I pinned it on, I’m mostly missing the fasteners and a few small details.  Fiona could wear hers out now but if I have time I want to adjust the hat just a little bit.  I want them done by the end of Sunday, lets see if I meet that goal.

MEA vacation

So…. NY gets Jewish holidays, some states still observe Columbus day, MN decided to make up a reason for a vacation and named it MEA.  I believe it has something to do with teachers going to big teacher conventions and stands for MN Educators Association.  Anyway, for the kids it means vacation and today I had them make a list of things to do.  If you are wondering what I’m up to the next few days this it.

We also had Niamh’s first conference for the year and she is doing well, I didn’t expect much different but I am impressed by some of the things they are doing.

I also got a new social media client today!  Yeah for me and professional ventures!

Ok, off to parent two very excited girls that are still in their PJ’s (see the PJ day item)

ps.  translations for Niamh’s writing – starting at the top going around the circle


Playdate with Natalie (already planned for tomorrow)


Clean room (condition of playdate for sunday)


read books

Avery playdate (already set for Sunday)